PWA Athletes

Ole Hasholt

Ole  Hasholt
Height: 0
Debut: 2012
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Boards: Fanatic
Sails: NorthSails


1st PWA event entered Reno World Cup Sylt 2012, Freestyle.

I started windsurfing during the late spring 2007. I got into the sport because of my 70 years old uncle. He used to surf when he was younger. And he had some very old and dusty equipment from the eighties in his garage. I convinced him to teach me how to windsurf. It was a great success for both of us and I was hooked on surfing right away. At that time there was no one else surfing around where I lived. I got my best friend Rasmus Oegelund into it, and we began practicing on my uncle’s old equipment together. On that moment I did not really know what freestyle was about. Anyway I signed up for my first competition one year after in Klitmoeller, my result was not the best. But I got to know a lot of new people who shared the same passion as me, it was very inspiring. Furthermore I got to know a whole new world – the freestyle discipline. When I came home I was super motivated, I bought my very first freestyle board and started practicing new moves every day. It did not matter if it was windy or not, I was always on the water. I entered the Danish Championships in Klitmoeller in autum 2008. Even though I did not managed to win any of my heats I was super stoked about the event. I could not wait for the next competition. And I really wanted to improve my freestyle skills. During the following wintertime I trained a lot on my home spot. The Icy conditions could not stop me and I was super motivated for the coming season. In the spring 2009 I landed my first spock, a few month later the flaka followed. I kept on training and it all paid off. I managed to win the U19 Danish freestyle Championship autum 2009. The following year 2010 I trained a lot of new moves and I decided to compete against the seniors. I was super close to make my way to the final in the Danish Championship against the seniors, but I ended up 5’th – a bit disappointed about the result, but the level was really high. The following year I graduated in the summer 2011. Afterwards I trawled to Jeri Coacoara in Brazil and Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands for practicing freestyle. During my trips I improved a lot, and I am really looking forward for the next coming up competitions. I am now capable of landing moves like Air Flaka, Shaka, Ponch, Culo and double Spock.


Fanatic, NorthSails