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Brian Talma

Brian Talma

Sail#: KBA-8
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Age: 50
Nationality: Barbadian
Residence: Barbados
Debut: 1990
Born and raised in Barbados, West Indies, Brian represents all that is Caribbean. His distinctive West Indian appearance and warmth garnered him instant popularity among his peers and the fans. And practically from the start of his professional career, Brian's sincerity and positive outlook gained him international sports celebrity status a mere handful of windsurfers enjoys today.

Brian surfed, skateboarded and golfed while growing up on the island's scenic south coast. His radical approach to surfing and skateboarding progressed to an even more extreme activity when in 1983 he tackled the relatively new sport of windsurfing. Practically unknown in Barbados, he was among the leaders in putting Barbados in the PWA queue. Though he joined the circuit in 1989, it was not until 1991 Brian impressed on the waves with top ten competition results in Barbados, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Gran Canaria and Germany. That year the Irie Man finished 17th, overall in Wave Performance on the world tour. In 1992 he finished 12th and in 1993 he clinched 17th , a position he held for several consecutive years.
Naish Boards, Naish Sails, Chiemsee, North Shore Fins, Virgin Atlantic, Silver Rock Hotel


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