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María Andrés

María Andrés

Sail#: ESP-2
Age: 31
Nationality: Spanish
Residence: Spain
Debut: 2006
1st PWA event Fuerteventura Slalom 2006. Placed 6th.

I've been windswurfing since i was 8. started competing in olympic class when i was 11. I was at the spanish olympic team for few years and won some nationals, while competing at the same time in formula (i won 7 times the national fw).

at 19 year old, i dicovered funboard and since then, i started traveling and waveriding around the world, got sponsor from gun sails. i begun making some slalom after an injure and then i got motivated for competing, since then i have won all the national slalom events (and waves) and now i try to do the most internatinal events that i can afford.

a big part of my career is also making the most coverage as i can (in different countries), focusing on helping my sponsors and my image, of course, but the main reason is to try to make this sport bigger and more popular, as i think it is has a potencial atractive that has not been yet known out of our windsurfing/watersports world (last years i am getting a very big coverage already :D , my last video: )

my best results:
2014 ranked 4th overall PWA Slalom
3ª IFCA Slalom World Championship , Azores 2014
5th PWA Slalom World Cup, turkmenistan 2014
7 x Formula Windsurfing Spanish Champion
3 x Slalom Spanish Champion ('11, '12 y '13)
4 x Waves Spanish Champion ('08, '11, '12 y '13)
4ª IFCA Slalom World Championship 2011
5ª IFCA Slalom World Championship 2012
8ª PWA Slalom World Cup Reggio, Italy, 2012
6ª PWA Slalom World Cup Fuerteventura, 2006
3ª European Championship Formula Windsurfing 2006
5ª Mediterranean Games ‘01
2ª Raceboard World Championship 2000
Patrik, Gun Sails, Mystic, Reptile Masts


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