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Sailor Profile

Alice Arutkin

Alice Léa Justine Arutkin

Sail#: FRA-111
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Age: 24
Nationality: French
Residence: France
Debut: 2007
1st PWA event, Sylt Wave, 2007

2015 - ranked 6th overall PWA wave
2012 ranked 9th overall PWA Wave & 10th Slalom
Ranked 4th PWA World Tour Slalom & 7th Wave 2010
Ranked 6th PWA World Tour Wave 2009
Ranked 4th PWA World Tour Slalom 2009

PWA Rookie of the Year 2008
Ranked 4th PWA World Tour Slalom 2008
Ranked 9th PWA World Tour Wave 2008

AFW French Vice Champion Overall Waves and Slalom
French Champion -15 slide 2006
French Champion -17 Extreme slide 2006
5th Eurocup Leucate Mondial du Vent Slalom
1st North Sea cup international Ostende Belgium
3rd youth World Champion Formula Experience Westende 2006

Home Spot :Wissant
Fanatic, North Sails, Select Fins, Oxbow, Sosh, SeventyOne Percent, Red Bull