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Francisco Fonseca

Sail#: P-72
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Nationality: Portuguese
Residence: Portugal
Debut: 0
2008 ranked 42nd wave overall after 1 event
Started windsurfing and surfing at the age of 7, nacional junior wave champion 1999 went to maui to do 10th grade maui ocean academy. I stayed there for 6 months, then came back in november came 9th aloha classic trials 2000. In 2001 i was Junior Production board world wave champion (IFCA) then European Prodution board junior champion in 2001 as well as Iberian junior wave champion and 3rd in the open, 2003, 3rd nacional wave championship , 2005 Nacional vice Wave champion, 5th Aloha classic trials 2006 and 33rd JP Aloha classic.

Windsurfing Ambitions: Competition wise : Win pwa wave events, and hopefully one day place in top 3 in the waves 1st would be nice. Out of competition i hope to push the sport the furthest i can take it surf wise,an show my wave ridding stlye to the world and hopefullt it will show people some new lines, what i want to do is show people things they havent seen before.
RRD, Simmer Style, Hurley, Bar de Guincho


May 10 - May 16
May 27 - Jun 01
Jun 20 - Jun 24
Jul 14 - Jul 20
Jul 25 - Aug 02
Aug 04 - Aug 10
Date: TBC
Sep 05 - Sep 07
Sep 15 - Sep 21
Sep 26 - Oct 05
Oct 18 - Oct 26
Oct 29 - Nov 11
Nov 18 - Nov 23