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Wout Burman

Wout Burman

Sail#: BEL-113
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Belgium
Debut: 2010
1st PWA event entered Pozo Gran Canaria wave 2010

Belgian champion wave 2008, 6th in the Santa Catarina wave event in Brasil september 2009

I started windsurfing when I was younger but only after my university studies (sport science and physiacal education) I started training intensively. The last 4 years I have been travelling the world (Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Fuerteventura, Ireland, Gran canaria, ...) and it have always been my dream to enter a PWA event. But only now I know I got a level of windsurfing were I can make a difference on the water. Consistantly landing backloops (also one handed), stalled frowards, table forwards, tweaked pushloops and fine tuning my waveriding skills. Now I'm already training for 3 weeks here in Pozo and I'm improving my skills in this spots now training to land my doubles and shakas.
RRD, Vandal Sails, MFC, derevko wetsuits