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Csiga Somogyvari

Csiga Somogyvari

Sail#: HUN-7
Age: 39
Nationality: Hungarian
Residence: Vietnam
Debut: 2011
1st PWA event entered Vietnam Slalom 2011

Start to windsurf at the age of 9.

At the age of 14-17 Hungarien youth raceboard champion. European raceboard competition Hungary 6th.
At the age of 16 participate in Amateur world windsurf competition in Rhodes and Norvey. 25-27th. places.
Participate in lot's of local competition like Garda, Paros,Hungary, Austria, Italy...
At the age of 20-26 I hade no chance to windsurf...
Age 27-37 I spent my all time close to the water doing windsurf, countries: Egypt,India,Vietnam,New Zeland,Bali,Greece,South Africa.
2011 start to use slalom equipment and participate in competition at Vietnam.
1st. place Fun Cup Jibe's beach club and first place Surf4you russion slalom race.
Participate in Vietnam Pwa 2011 with not good resoult.


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