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Christopher Friis

Christopher Friis

Sail#: D-36
Age: 25
Nationality: Danish
Residence: Denmark
Debut: 2011
1st PWA event entered Pozo Wave 2011
WINDSURFING HISTORY: I started windsurfing at the age of 16 in 2006 on a boarding school in the south of Denmark. The following year I moved back home to the danish west coast where I got introduced to wave sailing and at the same time started traveling to the Canary Islands for more consistent training conditions and as I progressed I started doing national competitions and also started traveling to South Africa to escape the European winter every year. In 2011 I entered my first World Cup event in Pozo and I have been doing the tour ever since.

In 2012 I joined Simmer Style's international team and since then I have been living as a professional athlete based in Tenerife, Denmark and South Africa.

Video reference: MY CAPE TOWN

Previous results:
PWA POZO 2011 (25th)
PWA TENERIFE 2011 (33rd)
PWA SYLT 2011 (No sailing)
PWA POZO 2012 (25th)
PWA TENERIFE 2012 (33rd, 25th in single)
PWA KLITMØLLER 2012 (33rd, 25th in single)
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