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Clément Bozec

Clément Bozec

Sail#: FRA-32
Age: 24
Nationality: French
Residence: France
Debut: 2011
1st PWA event entered Turkey Slalom 2011

In 2010, I have had good results in formula windsurfing, otherwise in slalom, it wasn't really good, because my choice of materiel was bad.

My result in 2010 was:
-3rd at the European championship of Formula windsurfing youth
-13ème at the overall French tour (AFF)
-10ème at the World championship of Slalom youth
-and other result more local

In 2011, all of my choice in the materiel is pretty good, I can train too much than years before, and it’s too easy to develop and tested all of my boards, sails, mast and fins
with Damien Le Guen and Patrice Belbeoc’h. That's why, the year 2011 is really good at this time.

My results in 2011 are:
-9th at the French tour senior AFF in slalom after two stages (just after Jules Denel and Alexandre Cousin, pwa racers)
-3rd at a longue distance (Raid des Mégalithes) with 100 others competitors

6th French slalom championship 2014 / 2nd youth PWA 2012
Fanatic, North Sails, ION, Mercedes-Benz