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Yentel Caers

Yentel Caers

Sail#: B-16
Age: 20
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Belgium
Debut: 2013
1st PWA event entered Surf World Cup, Podersdorf Austria, 2013 Freestyle

I started windsurfing at the age of 6 years. I started freestyle when I was 11. I train with Steven Van Broeckhoven and Dieter Van der Eyken mostly at my homespot Brouwersdam.

my results of this year are:
European champion freestyle youth U20 in Croatie, Prementura
Belgium's champion in open class freestyle
4de at the World Championships freestyle youth U20 France, Marseille
3de Dutch championship freestyle in youth
6de Dutch championship freestyle open class
my results of 2011 are:
European champion freestyle of Junior U17
3de the World Championships freestyle of junior U17 Nederland, Brouwersdam
3de Belgium championship freestyle open class
JP, NeilPryde


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