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Sailor Profile

Junko Nagoshi

Junko Nagoshi

Sail#: J-11
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Age: 40
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: United States
Debut: 2000
4th Starboard Severne Aloha Classic, PWA World Cup 2014
2010 ranked 4th overall Freestyle & 6th Wave
Ranked joint 3rd PWA World Tour Freestyle 2009
Ranked 4th PWA World Tour Wave 2008
Ranked 4th PWA World Tour Wave 2007
PWA Rookie of the year 2005,
2nd SuperX PWA 2005,
2nd Jump PWA London Indoor 2006,
3rd Racing PWA Aloha Classic2000,
4th Freestyle PWA Canada2004,
4th SuperX PWA Lanzarote 2006,
4th Wave PWA Guincho Portugal 2006,
5th Wave PWA Hawaii Pro 2005,
5th Freestyle Pozo2005,
5th Wave PWA Pozo 2005,

Born and rased in Japan, lives on Maui
Windsurf since 1996
Joined PWA tour since 2005
Likes competing in all disciplines - wave, freestyle, superX and race
Tabou Boards, Simmer Style, CarvyWetsuits, Streamlined, Dakine