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Victor Fernandez Lopez

Victor Fernandez Lopez

Sail#: E-42
Age: 30
Nationality: Spanish
Residence: Spain
Debut: 2001
2014 Ranked 2nd overall PWA wave, 1st Gran Canaria PWA WAve, 2nd KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WORLD CUP, 5th La Torche, 4th Starboard Severne Aloha Classic
2013 ranked 3rd overall PWA Wave
2012 ranked 2nd overall PWA Wave
2011 ranked 4th overall PWA Wave
2010 PWA Wave World Champion
2009 6th overall PWA Wave
2007, Wave: 1st Guincho, 1st Pozo, 13th Cabo Verde, 4th Brazil. Overall 2nd 2007

Best results:
- 2009 Ranked 6th overall PWA Wave
- 1st NSP Soulfile Klittmoeller 2006
- 1st PWA Grand Slam Pozo Wave 2006
- 3rd Place Dahkla Windsurfing Challenge 2006
- 1st Red Bull Topocalma Infernal Chile 2005
- 1st Place Air Madagascar Windsurf Challenge 2005
- Multiple Spanish Champion 2005
- 5th Place Overall Wave PWA 2005
- 1st Place Sylt Wave PWA 2005
- 10th PWA Freestyle Ranking Final 2005
- 1st Pwa Expression Session Costa Brava 2004
- 5th Pwa Costa Brava Super X 2004
- 10th Freestyle Pwa Fuerteventura 2004
- 5th Wave PWA Gran Canaria and 9th Freestyle 2004
- 6th PWA Wave Overall Ranking 2004
- 13th PWA Freestyle Overall Ranking 2004
- 12th PWA Super X Overall Ranking 2004
- 1st Freestyle Toro Andaluz 2002 (Spain)/
- 13st Wave Pozo Izquierdo PWA /
- 15st Freestyle PWA Pozo Izquierdo, Spanien 2002
- Spanish Wave Champion 2001
- 2nd in Freestyle Europe IFCA Production 1999
- 2nd in Wave World IFCA Production 1999

Favourite spot:Almeria/Spain

Favourite maneuvre:360º in the wave and Double Forward

How I started:My father taught me when I was 5 years old and it was big fun straight away.

Best windsurfing day in my life:The last best day I remenber so far was last november in Chile with some friends.It was mast high wave,4.7 and the longest wave I´ve ever windsufed in my life...

My Goals:Same as every year, improve my level in all conditions getting new moves!
My Slogan:Improve my sailing as much as I can sail new spots around the world. So long - ride on...
Fanatic, North Sails, Quiksilver, MFC


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Aug 17 - Aug 22
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