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Sailor Profile

Anne-Marie Reichman

Anne-Marie Valeria Reichman

Sail#: H-98
Height: 169 cm
Age: 40
Nationality: Dutch
Residence: Holland
Debut: 1999
1st Dutch Championships ´94 (race)
1st Rusty Wave Classic ´97 (Sweden)
2nd Soulwave ´97
9th Waves World Cup ´98
5th World Production Board World Championships
2nd Soulwave ´98
3rd World Championships Freestyle Production Boards ´99
3rd World Championships Wave Production Boards ´99
7th PWA overall waves 2000
5th PWA overall waves 2001
3rd PWA overall waves 2002
5th PWA overall waves 2003
5th PWA overall waves 2004
6th PWA World Tour Wave 2007

Favourite spot:  Wedge, Australia, Hookipa Maui, Margies, ..
Favourite Naish board: the new '69 2005
Favourite Naish Sail: the session, 4.5
Favourite manoeuvre:Any manouevre, who has got the "speed-flow-power" elements in the waves!
Naish Boards, Naish Sails, Roxy, Windgroep, H2 Organic