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Mattia Pedrani

Mattia Pedrani

Sail#: I-00
Age: 29
Nationality: Italian
Residence: Italy
Debut: 2003
1st PWA event Leucate Freestyle Qualifier 2003
2008 ranked 13th overall PWA Freestyle

I was born on 9-5-1985 in Legnano,a little city close to Milan.I started sailing when I was 6 during a holiday with my family in Greece and as soon as I did my first plane,I knew that windsurfing was gonna be my favourite sport.So from that first experience I started practising windsurfing on the week ends exspecially in Como lake.The very first freestyle tricks I had ever pulled off where in my "Home spot",Valmadrera,a little rocky beach close to Lecco.From that time on I kept on improving and so now,we were driving our motor-home to Garda lake where I could practice freestyle with stronger wind conditions.

One day my family and I were sitting on the beach waiting with our fingers crossed for the wind to pick up and suddendly my parents saw a small advertisement on a german Magazine that talks about This Academy in Maui where you can study in the morning and sail with some of the world's top pros in the afternoon.In the blink of an eye I was on an airplane to Maui at the age of 14 and as soon as I landed in the Windsurfing paradise,my excitement level was already blasting to the top.That year I stayed there for a month but then I decided it wasn't enough and so this is the third summer in a row that I'm here at the Maui Ocean Academy.

I've paticipated to some contest but I didn't get very good RESULTS because for me it was a new experience and I was totally freaking out and I couldn't concentarte on what I was doing during my heat.With experience though I soon learnt the secret of Relaxation
Starboard, NeilPryde, Morgan, Dakine, AL360, GA Sails


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