PWA Athletes

Frederic Bonneff

Frederic  Bonneff
Age: 37
Height: 190
Debut: 2003
Residence: Spain
Nationality: French
Sails: MauiSails


1st PWA event 2003 Tarifa Freestyle Qualifier

4th spanish freestyle and wave championship 2002
3rd spanish freestyle and wave championship 2003
17th PWA freestyle tarifa 2003
3rd spanish freestyle championship 2004
17th Aloha classic open men 2006
9th european freestyle championship Tarifa 2007

My main goal is to catch somes of the better waves of this planet,
travelling in awesome places, and
keeping my sponsors smiling with some great trips and the best results i can
in competition !!
Enjoy this beautiful sport, and see you on the water!!
Hasta pronto. FRED


MauiSails,, Tarifa Pirates, Santa Fe Tarifa, B3