PWA Athletes

Florian Jung

Florian  Jung
Age: 33
Height: 183
Debut: 2004
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Gun Sails


1st PWA event Pozo Freestyle 2004
2nd Supersession Lake Garda 2006
5th German Championship 06
33th Freestyle Worldcup 05 Lanzarote
2015 ranked 13th overall PWA Wave

Florian Jung was born in Saarbr├╝cken, a big city in the southwest of Germany not far away from the French border. His childhood was influenced by a great interest in sports. He tried a lot of different sports like Karate, Aikido, Hockey, Icehockey, Tennis and Soccer, till the day he had the chance to step on a windsurfboard. It was in 1997 at a lake in France, where his grandparents owned property. After this experience he spent every free second on the water. At the age of 17 he went to Maui/Hawaii on the Maui Ocean Academy for half a year. This special school offered normal highschool lessons in the morning and the rest of the day all students were released to go sailing at the top spots at the north shore of Maui. This stay improved his sailing skills so much that sail manufacturer Gun Sails noticed his talent and invited him to some photo shoots. After his return to Germany, he obtained his driving licence and started to compete at national events. In 2003 he finished school with curriculum vitae/Abitur and started travelling in the international gun sails team to several photo shoots arround the world like Maui, Gran Canaria, South Africa, Fuerteventura, .... One year later he participated at his first competitions in the world tour (PWA) and got sponsored by Hifly. Today he is travelling all around the world in order to improve his skills, discover new places, and to participate in competitions. His travel stories are available on his website. In addition, many movies and pictures are available, so you can get an idea of his adventures or latest trips.


Starboard, Gun Sails, RRD, Surf Action Company, Dakine, Garmin, Maui Ultra Fins