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Sam Neal

Sam Neal

Sail#: K-31
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Nationality: British
Residence: Great Britain
Debut: 2006
1st PWA event Pozo Gran Canaria 2006, Freestyle

Highlights of the beginning of my career:
- 1st UK National Formula (Tec) Series Winner) 2004
- 2nd UK Slalom Junior Series 2004
- 3rd UK Indoor Slalom Junior 2005
- 3rd UK Freewave Junior Series 2005
- 2nd UK Animal Windfest Freestyle Junior 2005
- 2nd UK Southern Cup Freewave Junior 2006

sport targets: 1st UK junior in waves and freestyle and then, later, compete on the European circuit and PWA.

the future: Windsurf for the rest of my life ? competing at the highest level possible. Being a role model for young sailors and helping the sport grow and grow.

sponsors: JP-Australia, Neil Pryde, Animal, Surfkraft

anything else you want the people to know about you: Next year I am going to college to study sport. I live in land so often have long distances to travel to events. I am looking forward to soon travelling to Maui and other parts of the world to sail the classic places. I am always trying to improve and JP are the kit to do it on.
JP, NeilPryde, Animal Clothing, UltraSport