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Tomás Barreiro Melgarejo

Tomás Barreiro Melgarejo

Sail#: E-10
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Age: 45
Nationality: Spanish
Residence: Spain
Debut: 2007
1st PWA event 2007 Mormaii Ibiraqura Wave Contest

2007: 1º Canarian Waves Riders (Lanzarote)
2006: 3º Canarian Wave Riders (Fuerteventura)
2004: 3º canarian Wave Riders (Lanzarote)
1996: 1º Wave Spanish National Cup Lanzarote (Spanish PBA), and 3º Overall Iberic Wave Title (Spanish and Portugal national PBA)
1995: 1º Wave Spanish champion Ship Lanzarote (Spanish national PBA)
1993: 2º Wave Spanish Champion Ship Lanzarote (Spanish national PBA)
1991: 33º Pozo PBA International
1990: try slalom in the Costa Teguise PBA International (Lanzarote),and 4º jumps expression session
1989: 4 º Funtastic Wave Classic (Fuerteventura)
I learned in 1982, in Lanzarote where I live
10) Windsurfing Ambitions:
Keep on surfing all I can do while I work and care my family. Hard windsurfing near 40 is not so easy, so I make some windsurfings events, trips, fotos, videos, to keep high the motivations to now people, try new boards and sails desings, see new places, have new experiences.
Mormaii, Goya Windsurfing


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