Sailor Profile

Adrian Beholz

Adrian Beholz

Sail#: G-888
Age: 25
Nationality: German
Residence: Germany
Debut: 2010
1st PWA event entered Freestyle Podersdorf 2010

Freestyling since age of 13. Starting competition with 16.

2006: 2nd German Pro Kids Freestyle Trophy
2007: 5th overall Swiss Freestyle Tour
2008: 3rd overall Swiss Freestyle Tour
2009: 9th EFPT Lefkada
9th EFPT Crete
14th EFPT overal
2010: 3rd EFPT Leucate
12th EFPT overal
1st Place German Freestyle Battles Overal (2 times first)
last PWA Podersdorf
17th PWA Worldcup Lanzarote
2011: 3rd German freestyle Battles
5th Place EFPT overall
2012: 17th PWA Worldcup Podersdorf
2nd German Freestyle Battle 1.0
25th WC Fuerteventura
3rd EFPT overall
Fanatic, Sailloft Hamburg, Maui Ultra Fins