Sailor Profile

Björn Dunkerbeck

Björn Dunkerbeck

Sail#: SUI-11
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Age: 46
Nationality: Dutch
Residence: Switzerland
Debut: 1986
From 2007 Bjorn races under SUI-11 since he now has homes in Switzerland and Silvaplana , Engadin. He still also uses E-11, the E-11 will always be there,  now more than ever for Europe -11
The most successful athlete of all times with 41 World Champion Titles:

12 x Overall (88/89/90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/98/99)
10 x Slalom (88/89/90/91/92/93/94/05/11)
5 x Course Racing (90/91/92/93/94)
4 x Racing (95/96/97/98/99)
7 x Waveriding (90/92/93/94/95/99/01)
1 x Freestyle (98)
2 x Speed (94/05)
41 Times World Champion

Björn Dunkerbeck – son of a Dutch father and a Danish mother – has won the world windsurfing championships 41 times. The man has a kind of killer instinct when it comes to winning, and as he says: "When you compete, winning’s the only thing that matters.
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