Why I Love Chile

Federico Morisio Shows and Explains Why he Loves Chile

Federico Morisio (JP / NeilPryde) made his debut on the world tour in 2015 and since then the 23-year-old has been busy travelling to all corners of the globe in the search of world class wind and waves, while also continually striving to improve his level.

One of the latest destinations fo the young Italian was a return to Chile and in his latest video Morisio explains why he loves the South American country so much…

Federico Morisio: “I’m crazy excited and happy to share with you this new video about my latest trips to Chile! I seriously fell in love with this place, as I explain in the video, because of the incredible conditions and the awesome lifestyle that it provides! 

Hopefully it will bring you some real value convincing you why Chile is so great, why you should go and how to enjoy it the best once you're there! 

Enjoy it and please let me know your thoughts in the comments and subscribe on my channel for many more videos to come! ;)

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You can see Federico Morisio’s ‘Why I Love Chile’ by visiting @ youtu.be/ml-BA7VEfNk