The Windsurfing Podcast

#33 The Schweitzer’s Story - Right Back to the Very Start of Windsurfing

Episode 33 of the Windsurfing Podcast takes us right back to the very beginning of windsurfing, right up to today's sport as we know it. You can see epsiode 33 @

Hoyle Schweitzer was the co-inventer of the original Windsurfer. His son Matt was the first World Champion. Matt’s son and Hoyle’s grandson Zane is an elite waterman. Who better to give us a history lesson! And a super fun one as well, with zero BS, just as we like it on the Windsurfing Podcast. Right from the very beginnings all the way to Zane and Maciek partying it up in Peru and the Schweitzers new movie - Broken Moulds.

0:00​ Intro, Peru Event
4:10​ SUP early days, pushing new sports
9:03​ changing disciplines, being a waterman
20:33​ Stories of the pioneers
40:15​ Matt Schweitzer under rated?
45:30​ Original windsurfer brand, Broken Moulds film
1:06:33​ Matt Schwietzer cameo