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2014 Margarita

Date: Dec 13 - Dec 20 2014 Disciplines: Women Freestyle, Men Freestyle, Women Slalom, Men Slalom Location: El Yaque, Margarita

Located just off the Venezuelan coast Margarita has become renowned for outstanding windsurfing with its reliable wind from November to June. Ideal for groups of mixed abilities and those that just want to blast! Combine this with a Latin American ambience, tropical weather, a sandy beach and generally good value.


The island itself has a varied landscape; the 10 minute transfer from the airport is through the dry scrubland that surrounds El Yaque. In the centre, the mountains rise to 900 metres and are covered in tropical vegetation. Around the north are pretty little villages, cliffs and more dramatic scenery. Over in La Restinga, most of the area is national park with mangrove swamps and long beaches.


The main spot is in El Yaque, directly of the main beach in front of the hotels and restaurants. From 10 to 5 this is strictly a Windsurfers' zone (no kiters). There are a few alternative spots, the most popular being Coche, a small island about a 20 minute boat ride away.

El Yaque The windsurfing conditions are very straightforward. There is usually no shore break, the beach and underwater is sandy and it is shallow (chest deep) for about 300 metres from the beach, marked by a small platform. This first area is also very flat and therefore ideal for learning new manoeuvres, especially water starting and carve gybing. This is also helped by the fact that you will probably be using a small sail. In fact the locals here will often learn to water start at the same time as learning to up haul. There is a distinct line as the bottom shelves away and the water is a much deeper blue.

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