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Ishii recently released a new edit, which shows the full potential of Omaezaki on a proper forecast, which you can see @

news-7073 Thu, 23 Mar 2023 21:09:49 +0100 Epic Windsurfing Josep Pons tucks into a fully firing swell on the North shore of Fuerteventura Fuerteventura is a bit of a swell magnet - especially during the winter European months when perfectly groomed Atlantic swells in Fuerte's rugged coastline to deliver some unbelievable wave sailing conditions. Josep Pons (CS Custom Boards / Point-7 / Black Project Fins) lives in Gran Canaria, but when he saw this forecast pop up the Spaniard wasted little time in jumping island to score some world class waves, which you can see @

Josep Pons: "Epic session on the north of Fuerteventura with some friends. Big winter swell. Cameras: Tom Deburchgrave & Jesús Renedo."

news-7071 Wed, 22 Mar 2023 11:56:30 +0100 Moments of My Life #2 Alessio Stillrich is back with episode 2 of Moments of My Life which sees the Spaniard enjoying his final week in Cape Town Alessio Stillrich (Simmer / Simmer Sails): "Moments of my life is now live! Join me on my adventures though the globe, on tour and at home.

The second half of my trip was also epic!!! Week 4 of the trip was not windy unfortunately, so I hang out with a bunch of great people. Week five delivered amazing days on the water down in the South of Cape Town and that was definitely a nice farewell. 

Filmed by: Geoff Hautman, Samuel Thome and myself. 
Follow Alessio Stillrich on Instagram: @Alessiostillrich"

You can see the second episode of Alessio Stillrich's Moments of My Life @

news-7069 Mon, 20 Mar 2023 12:28:44 +0100 Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup Matoko Sato wins on home waters to lead Women's Wave World Tour With the forecast unfortunately not looking promising at all for the remaining days of the 2023 Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup the decision has been to officially end the event meaning that all results stand as they were after the opening day. The closing ceremony shall be held at 11am on Tuesday 21st March.

That means as things stand Matoko Sato (Starboard / Severne Sails) currently leads the Women’s Wave World Tour after clinching the event title just ahead of Maria Andrés (Fanatic / Duotone), for what will be hugely popular victory for the locals. The women’s podium is completed by Jane Seman after the Australian edged out Pauline Katz (Severne / Severne Sails) in the battle for third and fourth place. 

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to complete the Men’s bracket, but the result will still count with each of the remaining 8 sailors all receiving equal first places after the opening event in Japan. Thanks again to the organisers and all the volunteers for making the event possible. 

Result Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup - Women’s Wave

1st Matoko Sato (JPN | Starboard / Severne Sails)
2nd Maria Andrés (ESP | Fanatic / Duotone)
3rd Jane Seman (AUS | Severne)
4th Pauline Katz (SUI | Severne / Severne Sails)

Result Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup - Men’s Wave

1st Takara Ishii (JPN | RRD / RRD Sails)
1st Antoine Martin (FRA | Starboard / North Sails)
1st Morgan Noireaux (USA | JP / NeilPryde / Black Project Fins)
1st Philip Köster (GER | Severne / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins)
1st Marc Paré (ESP | Fanatic / Duotone)
1st Ricardo Campello (VEN/BRA | Naish / Naish Sails)
1st Bernd Roediger (USA | Flikka / Hot Sails Maui / Black Project Fins)
1st Marcilio Browne (BRA | Goya Windsurfing)

news-7067 Fri, 17 Mar 2023 15:52:59 +0100 Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup Day 2: Youths & Masters take to the water plus a Super Session for the pros Day 2 saw lighter wind and smaller waves, but there was still enough to run quality heats for the Youth and Masters Divisions.  It’s great to see all the talent that has developed here in Japan, especially Omaezaki. The Youth fleet was strong with divisions for Under 15 and Under 20.  Masters also had an excellent field with a 12 man bracket.

Hayata Ishii (RRD / RRD Sails), who has become a top pro already was a clear standout taking the U20 win, while local legend Yoshitaka Ikeda took first place in the Masters.

While conditions never quite materialized to finish the Pro men’s fleet, there was an impressive expression session that went down.  Riders took to the water to show their best for a cash prize from main sponsor Spicare.  Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing) and Takuma Sugi (Tabou / GA Sails / Black Project Fins) were the standouts taking first and second respectively. Albert took the win with a clean air chacho, while Sugi was a close second pulling a clean burner.  While it may not have been perfect conditions for wave riding, the freestyle talents were able to show their stuff.

There are still days left in the window to complete the Pro division, so stay tuned for the call each morning.  The livestream will be running to record it all.

Elsewhere, Bernd Roediger (Flikka / Hot Sails Maui / Black Project Fins) gives his update after the first day of the Spicare Omaezaki Japan Cup: "The first day of the 2023 Omaezaki Japan Cup seemed to consist almost entirely of anticipation, especially for myself and Marcilio Browne, as we waited until the last 15 minutes of daylight to compete! It was a tough heat in conditions less than stellar. However I really got into the little rhythms of the spot, and I loved seeing each rider’s approach to the nuisances of soft waveriding and finesse jumping. Omaezaki is a great place for windsurfing even in these challenging days, and I’m very happy to be here competing!

The men’s fleet had the advantage of watching the entire women’s bracket unfold throughout the day, as the conditions improved incrementally. I was very interested in the semifinal between Maria Andres and Jane Seman, two IWT riders of incredible skill. The heat brought forth two noticeable elements of the day: the inconsistency of the sets, and the unreliable wave faces even on the set waves. Most of the “big scores” came from waves ridden in a careful, passive style. Since these onshore wind-lumps broke in small wedges along the sandbar bottom, it paid to commit to one good frontside turn, then disengage and head back upwind for more sail power and board-speed; this provided the added benefit of giving the wave time to reform. It was the furthest thing from “down the line” wavesailing, more “down and then up and back down”, but it was waveriding, of a particularly technical variety. Maria beat out Jane in a tight heat.

In classic contest fashion it seemed that Seman hit her stride in the dingle final, sailing into 3rd with the power and confidence that would have likely brought her into the final. But so is the way of competition in the conditions we had, the waves and wind gaveth and tooketh away.

Motoko Sato sailed her local spot brilliantly, demonstrating a keen knowledge for Omaezaki. And as she claimed her win in the women’s final, the men were preparing to run. Interestingly, there was much debate among the sailors as to whether the Pro men should run. People were split as to whether the conditions were good enough to be contested in, and quickly formed into two camps. In one camp, comprised largely of PWA riders, the consensus was not to run. But there was a contingency on the other side, a lot of IWT riders and local Japanese sailors, saying different; while they acknowledged that the conditions were marginal and almost incontestable, there was a spirit to drive ahead and complete the event for windsurfing, particularly Omaezaki windsurfing.

The PWA riders undoubtedly held the valid stance of objectivity, in seeing the conditions for the snooze-fest that they were. Understandably, running in such conditions introduced a level of uncertainty in the result; of course the ocean is always unpredictable, thus the reason for actually sailing the heat on the day. Still, there’s a level of inconsistency in waves and wind that even seasoned competitive sailors are uncomfortable with, because the result of the heat might not reflect the skill of the rider but really the luck of ‘who got the one wave that came’.

I think that the riders who either lived in the area -who were a part of that community, or took part in the event in years prior- were possessed with a kind of sentimentality toward running, regardless of conditions. Ideally, we would have offshores and throaty shorepound rollers to punt off of in style! Regardless of oceanic energy, the communal human energy was high, and raring to go. Since the last international event to reach these shores was back in 2019, and so much had happened between now and then, there was a sense of necessity to having something, anything, happen as a result of the -not just months but years- of collective hoping and planning for windsurfing to once again shine and dazzle these waters.

These two camps debated as the wind and waves rose, proving that the sport of wavesailing is incredibly democratic, but also incredibly divided. There’s constant debate among the athletes as to how to run, when to run, for how long and what to count. This happens on a micro and macro level in the sport, whether it be small differences in preference to run on a given day, or big differences of opinion about what events should count on a World Tour. This is the first ever IWT/PWA cooperative event, outside of Maui, something that has taken years to see to fruition. While the Omaezaki Japan Cup represents a new level of unity in the sport, it also brings together the disparate ends of a sport divided into two hemispheres. The European, PWA, side; and the IWT, western/Pacific, side. These groups of windsurfers have very different approaches, careers, and styles. Of course they will not always share the same values and opinions, therein lies the new challenge we are tackling as a unified tour!

Though the ultimate decision is always up to the Head Judge, Duncan Coombs, he undoubtedly factors in the general consensus of the field of riders. The same goes for our tour directors, Simeon Glasson and Rich Page. It will come down to their joint efforts in accommodating and communicating with both PWA and IWT athletes, local organizers and sponsors to see our sport transition from duplicities to harmonies.

Ultimately the call was made to run, and I took my leave of debating on the hilltop to rig and prepare in the valley/parking lot below. Descending from that high speculative place, I walked among the people, as it were. Omaezaki is special because Japanese windsurfers are special, this contest resembles a kind of extended family reunion. Tents representing every brand are post up in the lot, underneath are little groups drinking tea together, sharing snacks; each group is a flowing and fluxing coagulation of friends and families from different areas in Japan, reps from various brands exchanging stories about their part of the country, the conditions; their businesses and personal relationships mingling harmoniously. The piles of gear (that pros bring in by the van-load) serving as enclosures for intimate gathering. My favorite part about this ‘event within the event’ is that no one is really watching the conditions minute-to-minute. They’re watching each other, this time of the year being their moment to check in on one another. I can’t imagine that windsurf retailers make up a sizable portion of the Japanese populous, and it is likely that these folks are seen as uncouth, living unorthodox lives centered around a passion amidst the strict traditions of their society.

I see my fiend, Molishan, in a gathering around a picnic table of rice cracker treats; he and his wife drove to Tokyo and back, twice, (a trip that is 4 hours each way) just to shuttle athletes and gear from the airport to the event. Molishan owns his own classic car garage, he sails religiously, taking many of the prime business hours of the day off to get on the water. He also tries to snowboard each weekend with his wife; Molishan is a hero among men, but of course not your typical Japanese working class family man. Among them he probably does not find fraternity. His people are us. He looks forward to the day when like-minds come to visit and share stories from sessions sailed around the world. As his wife drove their box truck out of Narita Airport, Molishan chronicled for me the time between the last Omaezaki Japan Cup (2019) and now. Everything that happened, the pandemic, lockdown, cancellations and isolations, a 2022 event closed to international athletes, a local community isolated from their international friends… He wears an event t-shirt from the “2020 Omaezaki Japan Cup”, that never happened, and was canceled mere weeks before it was set to run; and I can see that this is a living event that has been both missed and mourned. And I wonder if any other event is so strongly felt by its participants and organizers?

I mean, Cabo Verde made my year, my life! To be there was to realize a dream, to act out a movie I’d been playing nonstop since I was 12. But its not happening this year, and I’m ok with it, because something like that doesn’t need to happen every single year. But Omaezaki, a place where friends meet, that is required, that is of the utmost importance.And so we ran our heats, everyone jumping wildly and waveriding with spectacular skill. It was no banner day for the level of pro windsurfing, pushing the limits of what is possible for the best of the best. But, it served the fans of this Omaezaki Japan Cup, it gave them validation for the years of hard work and sacrifice that it took to resurrect this event. I am so thankful to be back here, thankful to passionate windsurfers who envision these gatherings, and commit to making them happen. This family congregation is the perfect starting point for a unified IWT/PWA tour, a place where we can reconnect with the roots of the beautiful tradition of windsurfing. It’s my hope that the rest of this year, this tour, carries with it the spirit that thrives in Omaezaki.
Full results on the day:

U15 Girls

1. Natsuki Wakasa
2. Nozomi Sakai
3. Cocoro Ono

U15 Boys

1. Haruto Konishi
2. Ryoma Sugi
3. Itsuki Noguchi


1. Hayata Ishii
2. Ryu Noguchi
3. Yuki Takanashi


1. Yoshitaka Ikeda
2. Takashi Endo
3. Kyota Morita

news-7065 Thu, 16 Mar 2023 14:03:16 +0100 Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup Day 1: Matoko Sato wins tight final against Maria Andrés, whilst Men’s whittled down to only the top 8 The opening day of the 2023 Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup, which marks the first event of the unified PWA / IWT World Wave Tour, began in marginal conditions meaning the world’s best sailors had to use every ounce of skill to make the most of the small waves on offer… At the end of day one Matoko Sako leads the battle in the Women’s division, whilst only the top 8 sailors remain standing in the Men’s.



Maria Andrés (Fanatic / Duotone) had been the standout sailor throughout the Women’s Single Elimination as the Spaniard made the most of the small conditions by consistently linking together stylish, snappy turns to progress into the top two. However, Andrés couldn’t quite see off local legend - Matoko Sato (Starboard / Severne Sails) - in what proved to be a close fought affair. Both women picked off plenty of small waves, but Sato was able to pick the best set wave of the final to drop the biggest score of the heat with her final effort - 5.5 points - after combining three solid hits to secure her place at the top of the podium in the Single. 

Jane Seman showed excellent wave selection and flow to see off Pauline Katz in the losers’ final and currently completes the top 3. 


In the Men’s division only the top 8 sailors remain at the end of day one and at the close of play Morgan Noireaux (JP / NeilPryde / Black Project Fins) has marked himself as a serious contender in Japan after launching into high stylish backloops, whilst still being able to combine powerful turns despite the marginal conditions. The Hawai’ian will now face - Philip Köster (Severne / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins) - after the 5-time World Champion edged a close duel against - Jake Schettewi (JP / NeilPryde / Black Project Fins).

Takara Ishii (RRD / RRD Sails) is the only local left standing, so all Japanese hopes now fall on his young, but very capably shoulders. The 22-year-old claimed an impressive victory against Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde) in the round of 16 and will take on World No.6 - Antoine Martin (Starboard / North Sails) for a place in the top four. 

Elsewhere, Marc Paré (Fanatic / Duotone) was able to take down Graham Ezzy (Tabou / Ezzy Sails) to setup a mouthwatering clash against Ricardo Campello (Naish / Naish Sails), whilst reigning World Champion - Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing) - will face a tough test against Bernd Roediger (Flikka / Hot Sails Maui / Black Project Fins) in the last quarterfinal. 

Tomorrow the SURFLINE forecast is predicting early winds of15-20 knots with a moderate swell. Will we see these Pro Men progress to finals? Tune in to find out. 
Check out the full bracket update here:'s_Single_WEB2.htm
Check out the livestream link here:
There will be livestream again tomorrow. Follow all the action and listen to THE CALL from Kai Katchadourian and the team right here for the Unified PWA IWT WAVE TOUR. 
Thank you to our event partners SPICARE, OMAEZAKI CITY and the wonderful windsurfing community of Japan with the JWA and all those amazing volunteers. Thank you Omaezaki! Thank you Japan!!!

Result Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup - Women’s Single Elimination
*Results may still change

1st Matoko Sato (JPN | Starboard / Severne Sails)
2nd Maria Andrés (ESP | Fanatic / Duotone)
3rd Jane Seymour (AUS)

news-7063 Tue, 14 Mar 2023 17:38:24 +0100 Japan Warmup Bernd Roediger looking fluid and loose as the Hawaiian prepares to compete in Japan The first stop on the combined PWA/IWT Wave World Tour kicks off tomorrow and many of the finest wave sailors in the world are now congregated in Japan for the Omaezaki World Cup, which runs between 16th-21st March.

Bernd Roediger (Flikka / Hot Sails Maui / Black Project Fins), who won the first event of the season in 2022 in Cabo Verde, has been preparing for the event at home in Hawai'i and has just released a short clip of him preparing for the season opener in Japan, which you can see @, let us know in the comments who your favourite to win the event is...

news-7061 Mon, 13 Mar 2023 15:33:21 +0100 Portugal RAW Thomas Traversa & Alex Mussolini take on a dredging sandbank in Peniche, Portugal Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) is back with the second episode of his new RAW series, which sees him together with good friend - Alex Mussolini (AV Boards / Challenger Sails) - charging at a pumping Supertubos in Peniche, Portugal. 

Thomas Traversa: "Lets continue with this little series about some outstanding sessions in Portugal.

For Episode1 I took you through a session at the notorious wave of Nazaré. Later that day, Alex and I drove to Peniche and sailed in some incredible conditions.

This wave is so heavy, fast and powerful... but so perfect! Things can easily go wrong, but when you time it well... here is a little recap of a session that i will never forget!

Filmed by Mat & Uli from SIAM Images

Jake Miller / Aerial Video Maui."

You can see episode two of Thomas Traversa's new series @


news-7059 Fri, 10 Mar 2023 19:17:22 +0100 Jaws January 2023 Robby Swift & Jason Polakow attempt to negotiate a macking Jaws swell with varying degrees of success 2023 began with a bang in Hawaii with a huge swell hitting the north coast, which brought Pe'ahi to life. Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde) was supposed to be going on a skiing holiday, but when that forecast popped up he knew he couldn't miss it, so he did what any avid wave sailor would do and delayed his exit to score some of the biggest waves of his life together with teammate Jason Polakow (JP / NeilPryde).

Intro: "Robby Swift and Jason Polakow scored an epic day at Jaws last month. Robby scores some of the biggest waves of his life, while Jason battles with misfortune but lives to tell the tale. 

We hope you enjoy watching their edit of this special day!

Jace Panebianco / Poor Boyz Productions
Slater Neborsky / Soul Creations
Jackson McMuldren / Nahoia Kai Productions
Elliot Leboe / ACL Productions"

You can see Robby Swift & Jason Polakow at Jaws @

news-7057 Thu, 09 Mar 2023 17:49:59 +0100 IBALLA IBALLA - A stunning new documentary which gives gives a deeper insight into one-half of the legendary Moreno Twins When you think of women's windsurfing two names usually immediately spring to the forefront - Daida and Iballa - who make up the formidable Moreno Twins (Severne / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins), who have dominated women's windsurfing for over the last two decades. Between them they have amassed an incredible 28 PWA World Titles such has been their dominance at the top of the sport, whilst Iballa has also won a world championship in SUP, demonstrating what a complete water woman she is!

Now a stunning new documentary 'IBALLA' has just been released, which takes a deeper look not only into Iballa's incredible career, but also family life etc. Daida also features heavily in the new documentary, whilst several other stars can be seen throughout. 

To view Iballa simply visit @


news-7055 Wed, 08 Mar 2023 20:41:40 +0100 Up, Up & Away Ricardo Campello shares the 3 biggest jumps whilst windsurfing Ricardo Campello (Naish / Naish Sails) has long been known as one of the most radical sailors on the planet and his latest video showcases exactly why that is as the former 3-time Freestyle World Champion shares what he considers to be the 3 biggest jumps of his windsurfing life - which one do you like best?

Ricardo Campello: "Here are 3 of the biggest jumps of my life windsurfing !

Leave your comment and tell me which one is higher for you!

First jump was in wits ads in Capetown filmed by @koolebas 

Second jump was in hanstholm Denmark filmed by 

Third jump in Pozo Izquierdo / Gran Canaria filmed by @rafasoulart"

To see RIcardo Campello going absolutely massive visit @ 

news-7054 Mon, 06 Mar 2023 11:12:03 +0100 Moments of My Life Alessio Stillrich takes you on a tour of the Mother City Like many pro windsurfers, Alessio Stillrich's (Simmer) choice of winter destination was Cape Town, South Africa and he's back with a new update from the opening part of his winter travels, which you can see below.

Alessio Stillrich: "Moments of my life is now live! Join me on my adventures though the globe and at home.

We start off with the first episode in Cape Town, South Africa. The conditions and adventures have been on spot as usual in wonderfull South Africa. 

Filmed by: Geoff Hautman, Miguel Chapuis, Baptiste Cloarec, Albert Barroso and myself."

You can see the first episode of Alessio Stillrich's 'Moments of My Life' @ 

news-7052 Thu, 02 Mar 2023 22:38:41 +0100 The Windsurfing Podcast Is back for episode #65 with Robby Swift After a little hiatus the Windsurfing Podcast is back and the first guest of the new series is Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde)... head over to @ the see the latest episode now.

Windsurfing.TV: "First up one of NP/JP longest serving riders (26 years ) who has been there and done it in nearly every discipline...  and he's still going strong today.

it is of course... Robby Swift!

0:00 Teaser
1:48 Intro, PWA/IWT merger
11:30 Starting in UK, Parental support, Sponsors
18:40 Oceans Academy, Learning to be pro and parties
33:57 Freestyle world titles, Ricardo, learning moves
45:54 Super X period, Slalom
56:21 Waves and future wave champs
1:04:22 Being a contest sailor
1:13:10 JP/NP relationship
1:17:18 Quickfire."


news-7050 Tue, 28 Feb 2023 13:24:01 +0100 SWITCH Camille Juban a life commitment Camille Juban (AV Boards / S2Maui) has dedicated his entire life to his passion. A world-renowned, idyllic life that occasionally demanded sacrifices in the shadow of social and web media. This waterman has built himself a solid reputation in his home island, Guadeloupe, and on the most gorgeous beaches all over the world.

Three times champion of the “International Windsurf Tour”, two times winner of the prestigious “Aloha Classic” in Ho’okipa, Hawaii, and record-holder of the biggest wave ever windsurfed in Jaws, the Frenchman is one of the world’s best windsurfers.

The film SWITCH tells his story through interviews with his family and friends, as well as legends such as Kai Lenny, Levi Siver or Keith Teboul. This is the story of a true “rider” overcoming his sport’s limitations and his own, keeping his inner child alive to never stop enjoying the waves and the wind.

Production : Camille Juban - Nomis Films
Filmed by : Nomis Films - Jace Panebianco - Matteo Nvl - Fish Bowl Diaries - Jamie Hancock - Benoit Paillard 
Photographs : Pierre Bourras - Si Crowther - Fish Bowl Diaries 
Starring : Camille Juban - Kai Lenny - Bjorn Dunkerbeck - Keith Teboul - Levi Siver - Tom Juban and more..."

You can see SWITCH starring Camille Juban @

news-7048 Mon, 27 Feb 2023 12:54:52 +0100 Technique Time Nico Prien shares his top two tips to crack fully planing gybes For many recreational sailors the fully planing gybe remains the pinnacle of the sport, so whether you are yet to try your first gybes or you are looking for that elusive planing exit - Nico Prien (Starboard / NeilPryde) - is on hand to share two slightly different tips, which will hopefully make all the difference in enabling you to nail that planing gybe...

You can see Nico Prien's top two tips for the fully planing gybe @

news-7046 Fri, 24 Feb 2023 22:09:51 +0100 One Cold Minute Gone in 60 seconds with World No.3 Lina Erpenstein The cold would put some people off going sailing, but that's not the case for current wave World No.3 - Lina Erpenstein (Severne / Severne Sails) - who happily dons a hood, gloves and boots in order to grab her wave sailing fix... you can see the evidence of the German's smash and grab session @

Lina Erpenstein: "One cold minute from an epic day at the Baltic Sea, beginning of February 2023. Film & cut by
Gear: Severne Sails 2023 S-1 3.6 and Severne Stone asymmetrical 72L Custom"

news-7044 Thu, 23 Feb 2023 21:29:03 +0100 Portugal RAW The RAW power of the Atlantic Ocean as Thomas Traversa battles Nazare once more Thomas Traversa is well known for his XXL wave sailing antics and the Frenchman is back with his first episode in a new series featuring RAW footage - the first episode sees him in Portugal battling some of the biggest waves in the world at Nazare.

Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) : "After a little pause I am back on youtube! This time i will share with you a little series about some outstanding sessions in Portugal.

For Episode1 I take you through a session at the notorious wave of Nazaré. hopefully you get a bit of the feeling we had on that day!

 Huge thanks to Lourenço Katzenstein  and Francisco Pinho from team Red Herrings for the water safety! 

 Filmed by Mat & Uli from SIAM Images"

You can see the first part of Thomas Traversa's RAW series from Portugal @

news-7042 Tue, 21 Feb 2023 19:02:59 +0100 Hawaiian Winter Morgan Noireaux shares his favourite winter session from Ho'okipa Morgan Noireaux is one of the best wave sailors in the world - especially when it comes to Ho'okipa with the 28-year-old boasting 3 prestigious Aloha Classic titles to his name. With the Pacific generally pumping throughout the Hawaiian winter, Noireaux, recently shared his favourite session thus far. 

Morgan Noireaux (JP / NeilPryde / Black Project Fins): "My favorite session from this winter on Maui. The swell was the perfect direction so the waves were opening up really well which doesn't happen all that often, and it was just a really fun size. 

I was using my 4.7 Neilpryde Combat and 83L JP Ultimate wave

Filmed By: Fishbowl Diaries

You can see Morgan Noireaux's favourite session from the winter thus far @

news-7040 Mon, 13 Feb 2023 07:10:00 +0100 Fighting The Cold Nico Prien shares his 5 top tips for continuing to windsurf through winter! Nico Prien (Starboard / NeilPryde) is back... this time to share his top tips on how to combat the cold, so that you can continue sailing through even the coldest conditions for the remainder of the European winter!

To see Nico Prien's latest top tips visit @

news-7038 Thu, 09 Feb 2023 15:06:53 +0100 Follow Your Stoke Arthur Arutkin & Juliann Salmonn chasing the last swell of the year in Cabo Verde Towards the tail end of last year a solid forecast popped up for Cabo Verde, so Arthur Artukin (Fanatic / Duotone / Black Project Fins) and Juliann Salmonn (Bruch Boards / GUNSAILS) wasted little time in booking their flights for a 10 day trip in the hope of scoring epic waves!

Julien Bru: "FOLLOW YOUR STOKE is a windsurfing series that tells the story of windsurfers around the world.

During the winter of 2022, wave sailors Arthur Arutkin & Julian Salmonn met in Cape Verde on a ten day trip to chase the last swell of the year, and try to sail one of the best waves on the planet...
Julien Bru:
Arthur Arutkin:
Julian Salmonn:
Produced by Julien Bru Studio.
Directed by Julien Bru
All rights reserved."

You can see the second episode of Follow Your Stoke @

news-7036 Wed, 08 Feb 2023 08:56:05 +0100 Shorebreak Part 1 Josep Pons gives his top 4 tops for punching your way out through the shorebreak Want to learn from one of the best wave sailors in the world? Well, now you can with the help of Josep Pons (CS Custom Boards / Point-7), who is going to talk your through his top tips on how to navigate the shorebreak, so that you can enjoy the waves without sacrificing too much gear needleslly... 

Josep Pons: "Here are my 4 top tips to get out through the waves easily. What to do during the launching at the shorebreak. 

- Timing
- Stay in the shallows
- Keep your gear high
- Board pointing to the waves - 90º. 

Second part coming soon : How to cross the waves / shorebreak easily."

You can see Josep Pons' top 4 tips for punching your way through the shorebreak @ 

news-7034 Mon, 06 Feb 2023 06:36:12 +0100 Another Day In Aruba Featuring Sarah-Quita Offringa and Oda Brødholt The lovely holiday duo are back... this time with an update from a typical day on the wonderful Caribbean island of Aruba!

Sarah-Quita / Oda: "Follow us on another day in Aruba where we drive around the island doing what we love: Being in the ocean!
We hit up Barcadera for a freestyle session, dock start in turquoise waters at Roger's beach and end the day at our favourite kite spot: Boca Grandi!
Aruba is such a playground."

You can see a day in the life of Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins) & Oda Brødholt (Starboard / Severne Sails) @

news-7032 Tue, 31 Jan 2023 06:15:29 +0100 Chile 2022 Klaas Voget signing off 2022 in style with his best wave sailing conditions of the year in Chile Just before the end of 2022 - Klaas Voget - made his annual voyage to Chile in the hope of lucking out with some world class wave sailing conditions. Fortuantely, lady luck was on the German's side with Voget scoring what he calls the best conditions of the year. You can see Voget tucking into Chile's buttery smooth walls @

Klaas Voget (Fanatic / Duotone): "What a way to finish the year! Best conditions I’ve sailed in 2022." 

news-7030 Thu, 26 Jan 2023 11:19:04 +0100 Hurricane Up North Justyna Sniady enjoying the delights of the West Coast of Australia Justyna Sniady (North Windsurfing / Maui Ultra Fins) finished the 2019 season ranked 3rd in the World for Women's Waves, however, last season she went one better as the she secured the vice-world champion crown after signing off the season with an excellent second place in Sylt.

Sniady is currently back in Australia where she's been hitting the road along WA's expansive coastline to score some super fun conditions @

news-7028 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 12:44:36 +0100 January Sessions Victor Fernandez seeing in the new year in style in Almerimar during a recent storm Victor Fernandez has been one of the top windsurfers in the world for much of the last two decades. The Spaniard, who currently has 3 world titles to his name, is often travelling the globe, but to start the new year he has been at home in Almerimar, Spain, where a low pressure system recently hit, producing a great array of conditions from down-the-line wave sailing to epic jumping. 

Victor Fernandez: "My latest edit is from 2 different spots I windsurfed during the same low pressure that hit the South of Spain, Almería. One of them is on the east coast with side off shore down the line conditions and the other one is my home spot in Almerimar. I sailed on 3.0 up to 4.2 and 81 & 87 lt boards."

You can see Victor Fernandez's January Sessions @

news-7026 Fri, 20 Jan 2023 10:07:18 +0100 2022 Roundup Around the World with Takuma Sugi as the Japanese ripper takes a look back at 2022 With the new year freshly upon us - Takuma Sugi (Tabou / GA Sails / Black Project Fins) - has taken the opportunity to look back through some of his highlights from 2022 and produced a great edit from his best moments around the globe, which sees him sailing in various spots in his homeland of Japan as well as Cabo Verde, the Canary Islands and Maui.

You can see Takuma Sugi's best of 2022 @

news-7024 Wed, 18 Jan 2023 14:07:53 +0100 Dying To Live 2 Antoine Martin being as radical as ever at Ho'okipa Beach Park Antoine Martin (Starboard / North Sails) remains one of the most radical wave sailors in the world with his scare-free attitude seeing him continually try and deny physics with double pushloop forward attempts and no-handed aerials.

All that creativity leads to one hell of a highlights real with a combination of radical manouevers and brutal crashes. The current World No.6 spends plenty of time training at Ho'okipa and that's where his latest edit comes from @

news-7022 Mon, 16 Jan 2023 05:08:09 +0100 Chasing Swells Thomas Traversa in his element taking on a monster swell... Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) is well known for his monster swell chasing exploits and if there is a massive swell on a forecast you will more than likely see TT at that location such is his love of riding big waves. At the end of last year another major swell popped on to the charts and you can now see Traversa negotiating these bombs in extremely light winds @

All-In: "Back on the mythical Higer spot in Hondarribia at the end of 2022 with Thomas Traversa facing waves of sometimes 10 meters! The member of the ALL-IN team is accompanied by a jet and filmed by Mathys Fraile and Antoine Broin for these beautiful images. Windsurfing as we like it with our committed rider."

news-7020 Fri, 13 Jan 2023 09:18:13 +0100 A Road Trip Adventure Marc Paré heads North in the hope of finding some Norwegian nuggets on a forecast Marc Paré (Fanatic / Duotone) spends plenty of time in Cold Hawaii, Denmark, but for a while he has had his sights on a trip to Norway if and when the right forecast popped up. Not too long ago, a solid forecast popped up, so the Spaniard wasted little time packing the can and heading further north in the search of wind and waves!

A Road Trip Adventure: “The 17th episode in the Write Your Own Chapter video series tells the story of a road trip adventure. 

It features windsurfer Marc Paré. After discovering Iceland in episode five, Marc hits the road again. Windsurfing the Norwegian coastline has been long overdue, the time was now. 

The recipe for a perfect windsurf road trip is straightforward: 

Be patient until the forecast aligns. Pack everything you can into the van, and a little more.  Study Google Maps but more importantly, immerse yourself in the local surf community. Talk to locals and gather advice. Allow yourself to get carried away by the local surf culture. Only then you will discover uncrowded but world class spots. 

Want to know more about the Write Your Own Chapter video series? 
Discover the whole #WYOC experience now.

Seek your freedom and Write Your Own Chapter.”

You can see the latest episode of Marc Paré’s Road Trip Adventure @

news-7018 Thu, 12 Jan 2023 06:52:03 +0100 The Mother City Cruising around the Cape with Florian Jung Florian Jung (Starboard / GUNSAILS) is no stranger to Cape Town, South Africa, with the German often venturning down south during the winter months to chase the Cape Doctor and its accompanying waves. The end of last year was no different with Jung making his way back to his regular hunting ground. 

As always to catch the best conditions on offer in Cape Town you need to be prepared to put in a bit of driving to strike gold, so now you can follow Flo's latest cruise around Cape Town @