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Next stop on the PWA World Tour is on the isthmus of Westerland, Northern Germany known as Sylt. This year the event is celebrating its 20th...


Q: You must be pretty stoked to have won the first PWA Formula race of the season, was it a tough battle?


MB: I am very stoked with this victory it...


The PWA regrets having to announce that the Irish Wave Grand Prix will not take place in the 2003 season. The event took off with a bang in 2000 and...


Q: How did it feel to win your first major event?


RS: It was really unbelievable. A dream come true! I hope that there are many more of them to...


Micah Buzianis (Mistral, North) has won the Windsurfing Era PWA Formula Racing World Cup after a thrilling day of race action here in Leba, Poland....


It has been a chill out day here at the Windsurfing Era, PWA 2003, Formula Racing World Cup. With temperatures hitting the mid eighties and only a...


Andrea Cucchi (Starboard, Neil Pryde) of Italy has moved into the lead here on the second day of the Windsurfing Era, PWA 2003, Formula Racing World...


Devon Boulon (F2) of the British Virgin Islands was the surprise winner here today in the opening race of the Windsurfing Era, PWA 2003 Formula Racing...


The world’s elite race force has gathered here on Poland’s Baltic coastline ready for the first major PWA Formula Racing battle of the season. Over...


Q: How does it feel to be the first ever PWA super X winner?


KS: I Feel super happy about it, especially because it was something that I never...



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