Interview with Tristan Boxford

Nothing beats the feeling of riding a wave exactly in the way that you want

Q: What have you been up to over the last couple of months?


TB: It's been a busy past couple of months - Since I left Maui at the end of March I've been on the move pretty much non stop - I first attended the World Cup in Vargas at the beginning of April, which went pretty averagely for me - I finished 17th place, after being knocked out by Antoine Albeau in a 2:1 decision - Despite the conditions being super fun, I didn't feel I sailed anything like what I can, so this was a disappointing result for me - still, at least we didn't get a proper result!

I then went on to the start of a new series of events in Ireland, 'The Triple Crown'. We had an epic contest, with names such as Scott McKercher there, and I won 2 out of 3 rounds in the testing conditions - all in all a lot of fun and a great experience. Then it was onto the second of this series, held in Cornwall - a contrast to Ireland, we had relative calm, sunshine! We managed to complete an expression session, which I won, so I was stoked about that s well.

Then I went for a complete change - a press trip to Turkey with journalists from the men's lifestyle publications - it was a great fun trip, with good flat water blasting and freestyle conditions - normally not my cup of tea, but after the coldness of sailing in Ireland and Cornwall, sailing in just a pair of shorts in the sunshine, it seemed like paradise!

Finally, I am now in Portugal, where I just won the Overpower Wave and Freestyle Contest (1st equal) in good sized waves, but onshore winds - this yearly contest has become like a pilgrimage for me, one that I am always more than willing to make, as it is also where Fanatic Shaper Sebastian Wenzel makes my boards - and that's where I am now until I head off to Gran Canaria to train next week!


Q: Is it true you used to windsurf down the River Thames on the way to school?

TB: It was a while ago, but yes! It turned out to be a good form of press generation, as the general press and media just loved the idea - it also killed the monotony of school runs!

Q: You seem to be doing a lot better in contests these days...what do you put that down to?

TB: Experience, maturity and the right frame of mind - staying focussed 100% of the heat no matter what happens, breaks or what the other guy does, the win can always be yours for the taking - I am also feeling pretty stable right now with my girlfriend with me, and that really helps.

Q: Describe a typical day in the life of Tristan Boxford?

TB: Wake up, if the surfs good, go for a surf - come home, work on the computer a little - emails / articles / business stuff - then have lunch and head down to the beach to go sailing - When I am home in Maui, I like to go to the gym in the evening, but on the road that is difficult to stick to. If it is a flat and windless day I like to go spear fishing.

Q: What is your goal this season?

TB: I'd like to finish within the Top 10 in waves on the World Tour and win the Triple Crown in England, as well as any other contests I can do - outside the contests, I want to ride some new waves in far off places in the company of just a couple of friends - exploration at its best

Q: How would you score your party factor out of ten?


TB: Lower these days, but last year it was pretty high, with probably a solid 8 at the end of the year.

Q: Why are you not into the freestyle scene?

TB: I think it's great for the kids to get into as an introduction to wavesailing and represents the tricky, skate-boarding side of the sport - it's also great for those who aren't fortunate enough to get to the sea all the time, and are restricted to lakes - This way they are not just stuck with going fast as the only option. However, waves is what interests and drives me in windsurfing - jumping is great fun, but nothing beats the feeling of riding a wave exactly in the way that you want and the buzz that that gives you - after that, I find it difficult to get a buzz out of doing tricks on flat water, I would rather diversify and try other things.

Q: Give three words that describe yourself?

TB: Motivated, positive and hyper active.

Q: Words to live by?

TB: Life is too short not to live it up a little!

Q: Confession time...Confess to somthing bad you have done and all will be forgiven...

TB: Apart from the contest, here in Portugal I haven't got out of bed before 11am once and I'm feeling guilty about that, it's pretty much unheard of for me! Still as they say I suppose, when in Rome..........

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