Maui Soccer Challenge


The International Maui Soccer Championships ends with sweet revenge for the Mistral team, with a big victory over Fanatic...


In a re-match of the famous 2007 Mistral vs. Fanatic International Soccer match on Maui, Mistral came out on top with a convincing 10-4 victory.

Back in 2007 Fanatic pulled off a total domination with a final score of 12-3, leaving the Mistral team with 12 months to plan revenge.

Mistral Marketing Manager Donald “Abramovich” Scholz spared no expense in 2008 with new star signings, and was surrounded by controversy and rumours that he hired help from outside teams causing controversy.

The robust Mistral team led by Nik Baker, Brawzinho and newly signed Mistral star Francisco Porcella had a slow start, with Fanatic scoring 2 goals in the very first minutes.

However the Fanatic team were soon overcome by as their rivals gained momentum despite the best efforts of the Ceballos/Sanchez brothers, Victor Fernandez and Klaas Voget.

Soon the Mistral team had equalized and were challenging the Fanatic defence of Andre Paskowski, Laure Treboux and excellent goalie Andreas Olandersson, pulling ahead into a 6-3 lead at the half time.

After some tough talk from the coach Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach at half time, both sides opted to change a few players and team riders.

Although the presence of some suspiciously professional Brazilian players was mildly protested by the Fanatic team, the second half started, with a new defence for the Fanatic team of Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach, Shaper Sebastian Wenzel and R&D team member Peter Slate.

Despite some “aggressive tackling” by the Fanatic defence, the Mistral team poured on the pressure and Brawzinho, Porcella and “imports” Alex Hasch (North Sails) and Ingo Meyer (Surfers Magazine, Germany) broke through to score 4 more times.

Fanatic team could only answer once in the 2nd half, with a good effort by Wenzel to clear to the forward strikers the Ceballos/Sanchez brothers, for a final score of 10-4.

The ecstatic Mistral team celebrated their victory with a few beers, with the Fanatic team looking quite disappointed, but still stylish in their professionally printed soccer shirts that included their sail no’s and names printed on the backs.

Afterward both teams enjoyed some great Pizza and drinks at the Flatbread Company in Paia.

Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach spoke candidly after the game. 'Well done to the M° team, it seems the addition of certain key players like Francesco Porcella and others has really helped them both on the water and on the soccer pitch! We had to concede to a better team today, so I guess it was sweet revenge for Mistral after the whipping they got last year from us! It’s just a pity the JP and Starboard team declined our offer to join in, as they obviously were too busy and too worried about injuries - maybe next year!'

Mistral Marketing Manager Donald “Abramovich” Scholz was over the moon. 'What a game….it couldn’t have been better….after a great year in 2007 with Fanatic winning the PWA Freestyle World Championship we finally could even beat the Fanatic Soccer World Champion Team. We are very happy about it, but of course we should not forget to mention that we needed some help from outside. But we’re looking forward to matching them again next year. Nevertheless we beat them and Thanks to everybody involved.'