The 2008 Ulsan PWA World Cup - Registration Day

Slalom’s elite register in Ulsan, Korea, in preparation for a week of gruelling competition.

For the second year running, JinHa beach has lured all the big players of the slalom fraternity to its tropical waters for the inaugural event of the slalom season.

Registration day was greeted with both sun and wind, allowing the sailors to take the opportunity to fine tune their gear and once again familiarise themselves with Ulsan’s Azure seas.

Today saw the arrival of: 2007 World Champion, Antoine Albeau (Starboard, NeilPryde), last year’s event winner and 2007 runner up, Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Gaastra), Micah Buzianis (JP, NeilPryde, MFC) and Finian Maynard (F2, NeilPryde).
And,  in the women’s division: 2007 World Champion, Karin Jaggi (F2, North Sails), 2007 runner up Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou, The Loft) and last year’s event runner up, Sarah Herbert (Starboard, Naish). All vying for honours against a strong international fleet as well as the best that Korea and surrounding nations has to offer.

The first surprise to proceedings was the no show of Bjorn Dunkerbeck (T1, North Sails) who encountered various logistical issues en route to Korea. With no realistic resolution, Dunkerbeck was forced to abstain from this leg of the tour.

The coming days are due to witness an awe inspiring spectacle, as the world’s finest male and female racers do battle and state their intentions for the forthcoming season.

We spoke to Finian Maynard and Karin Jaggi on the beach after their warm up

Finian: “I feel like I’ve trained harder this year than last year, and I’m trying to put more focus on slalom. I feel really confident, and I’m just going to try my very best. My goal is to win the championship.”

Karin: “I sailed here last year, it’s a really tricky place. Unfortunately I haven’t been sailing so much over the last 3 months as I had a knee injury. I think it’s going to be really tough, but I hope I’ll be at the top.”

The outlook for the days ahead looks very promising, poising the 2008 PWA Ulsan World Cup to be an even greater success than last years debut event. Be sure to follow every stroke of action here, at to:

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