International Windsurfing Clinic in El Médano, Tenerife

PWA stars Dany Bruch, John Skye and Nayra Alonso will be joining forces to coach a unique and exclusive clinic in El Médano, Tenerife between 15th – 21st September this year.

Local hero Dany Bruch has really caught the limelight of the windsurfing media this year with his fearless wave-seeking adventures in the north of the island. A naturally gifted surfer, some would still argue his true talents lie in his aerial antics, making him one of the standout wave sailors on the PWA circuit today.
John Skye is one of the UK's most all-round windsurfers, with the enviable ability to champion manoeuvres on both tacks. Four times National UK Champion, he has also posted many top results in both wave sailing and freestyle on the PWA world stage, yet remains very down to earth and approachable.
Nayra Alonso will also be on hand, extending the wealth of experience on the clinic even further. Having competed on the world tour for four years now, she won the last major PWA event of 2007 in Sylt and is one of the most exciting female wave sailors in the world to watch.
All three sailors are not just inspirational, but incredibly intuitive in developing style and consistency on the water, and combine to make this clinic an unmissable opportunity. Technique tips for all abilities will be covered, so whether you want to learn to ride waves more confidently, initiate your first loops, or just perfect your carving transitions and feel more confident in high winds, there will be plenty for everyone.
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