Do As I Do

Casting an eye into the future, we check out one of windsurfing’s hottest up and coming talents, and a future PWA star, Mikey Clancy.

Hailing from Ireland’s wind and wave drenched shores; Mikey Clancy (Starboard, Severne, MFC) is an 18-year-old windsurfing prodigy with big ambitions. The Irish ripper is already turning heads in his homeland and the UK, having secured the backing of some of the industry’s top brands.

With his sights firmly set on the PWA World Tour, Clancy hopes to take his first steps into the professional scene in 2009, where he’ll compete in his first ever PWA wave event.

Here’s an introduction to Mr. Mikey Clancy.

PWA: Tell us how you got into Windsurfing?

MC: I started off windsurfing at 14 in Malahide in Dublin during School holidays
you know where parents send their kids to be minded but not bored My
older brother Sean and the owner of the sailing school coaxed me along
as I used to hate it as I was so small I couldn't uphaul the sail!! But then it all clicked and I was hooked for life

PWA: How did you improve so much?

MC: I just tried to sail whenever I could as I was so addicted that's all I wanted to do. Also Ireland is a great place to windsurf as you get a loads of different types of conditions one day its Starboard tack onshore the next its Port tack Down the line heaven. This Summer I spent 2 months in Pozo, which really improved my sailing as the wind is so consistent there.

PWA: Your website is cool tell us about it?

MC: My website is a good way of letting my sponsors and people know what’s going on in my world. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. The website is now very popular and the hit count has increased hugely with a growing number of followers logging on to check out what I'm up to. My Favourite part of the site is the video section, as I really enjoy editing the videos.

PWA: What are your ambitions?

MC: Number one to enjoy windsurfing and travelling to new spots around the world. In the next few years I hope to climb up the PWA rankings and eventually be a real contender for the Number one spot.

For those that can’t wait until 2009 to see what Clancy’s all about, here’s a taster for you. It’s a video titled, ‘Do As I Do’, and features Clancy shredding the NW coast of Ireland. If it’s anything to go by, this rising star of the windsurf world may well cause upset in his debut season. We shall wait and see…

To check out Mikey Clancy’s ‘Do As I Do’, tune into Mikey’s webpage at

PWA / Andrew Buchanan