Unleashed: The Beach Telegraph hits the airwaves near you.

No longer will windsurfers have to trawl the deepest darkest corners of internet for the latest windsurf news...

TBT is the hottest new web property designed to inform and connect windsurfers together. As well as saving time on trawling the web for the latest and most interesting news, it’s a  place to post, read, comment on and suggest stories that other windsurfers should know about around the planet.
Created by Windsurfing writer Brian McDowell, TBT is intended to help spread news and ideas and shine the spotlight on all the greatest windsurfing websites, personalities and publications in the world.
‘As a writer and windsurfer I’m hooked on being up-to-date on what’s going down on beaches around the globe’ confessed Brian, a regular contributor to worldwide magazines such as Boards, former Press Officer for the PWA, and a long-time surf sports business figure having worked for leading brands such as Gaastra and Animal.
‘After a good few seasons around the PWA World Tour and in the industry I’ve often joked with the pros, amateurs and industry people about how fast ‘Beach Telegraph’ works - and now it just got even quicker to spread the word!’
‘By developing a place where I can hear and see what readers like I can hopefully come up with great new ideas for magazine articles and web pieces for windsurfers to enjoy while getting my writing known to a wider audience. I’m hoping other Editors and writers might like to check in, borrow ideas or subscribe to the feed, but that’s not a problem as the purpose is mainly to promote windsurfing, and keep interest high. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll get the odd extra article published myself as a result – the most important thing with so many great sites, magazines, riders and talented Bloggers out there is to let everyone see all the news and hear what’s going on in the windsurfing world in one easy place and in a handy single-serving.’
The Beach Telegraph will:
• Post daily news summaries
• Host Live Chat
• Compare worldwide equipment test results
• Allow comments and discussion, trackbacks, RSS feeds and subscription by email
• Keep you in-the-know!
And, if you’ve got any nuggety news, sneak previews, ideas, rumours or opinions to share then please send them to hotgossip@beachtelegraph.com

To check out the Beach Telegraph, click HERE.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan