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Swift in Cabo Verde

Ripping his way to 4th in CV

11/19/2008 - created by Andrew Buchanan

Pro Radar: Robby Swift

Continuing the pro radar series, we have a quick glance into the lifestyle of the UK’s wave and slalom hotshot, Robby Swift.

PWA: Where are you right now?

RS: Right now I am in Maui, we've been testing the new NeilPryde sails and  JP boards for 2009 and generally enjoying the autumn conditions out here.

PWA: When and where was the last time you went windsurfing?

RS: I went slalom sailing yesterday for a helicopter shoot for the new RS Racing sails and the new JP slalom boards. The day before that I had a great sail at Sprecks, working on my jumping and wave riding in the fun logo high waves.

PWA: How were conditions, and who were you sailing with?

RS: The conditions were tricky. It was really gusty and pretty offshore, a weird south-easterly wind direction for Maui, but it was fun sailing on a 4.5 with around logo high waves. I was sailing with John Skye and Nayra Alonso. I always like sailing with John because we used to sail together ever since we were young kids on the British National scene, so we have always pushed each other. We were trying to do nice backloops and pushloop table tops which was pretty hard in the offshore conditions but very good fun!

PWA: Are you hanging out with any other PWA riders?

RS: Yes, Jason Polakow, Micah Buzianis, Antoine Albeau, Kevin Pritchard, Pieter Bijl, John Skye, Ross Williams was just here but he left. There is always a good crew of PWA sailors here in Maui so it is a fun place to sail.

PWA: Do you have any trips or missions planned for the winter?

RS: I am going to Chile in about 10 days, that should be really fun. I am doing a travel story with Victor Fernandez, Klaas Voget and my brother, David so we should have a good time. I hear the wind and waves are great down there at this time of year, so I hope we get some good conditions!

PWA: Where are you going to spend most time training for the 2009 season?

RS: Probably here on Maui.

PWA: Do you have any specific goals while training in between PWA seasons?

RS: I would like to get my port tack sailing a little better and work on my jumping. I need to be able to do doubles consistently, like I used to before I broke my foot, and I would like to learn pushloop forwards. I have started to pull off nice pushloop table tops but they are still not my most consistent trick, so I will be practicing those a lot too!

PWA: Do you have any funny stories or dirt on other PWA sailors?

RS: We are all very well behaved boys and no one ever does anything naughty! No, really nothing much has been going on other than a lot of  fun sailing. It was Jason's birthday the other day so we went to Kanaha for a BBQ, some beach volley ball and baseball which was fun!

Robby Swift is sponsored by JP boards, and NeilPryde sails.

You can stay up to date with Robby on his website:

PWA / Andrew Buchanan

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