Double Take

Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne causes a stir, changing both his sail and board sponsor ahead of the 2009 PWA season.

Fanatic and North Sails are proud to announce the signing of their latest windsurfing super start, Brazil’s Marcilio Browne. Moving from his previous home at Mistral and Gaastra, Browne joins his new sponsors with immediate effect.

At 19 years old, this wave and freestyle specialist is one of the biggest players on the PWA World Tour, with results to match the media hype that surrounds him. Having already conquered the freestyle discipline, securing the World Title and runner up positions in 2007 and 2008 respectively, Browne’s diligent and calculating approach is now focused on the wave crown.

With a transfer of this magnitude, both Fanatic and North Sails are eager to boast about their new addition; here’s what the brands, and the man himself have to say about the situation:

Fanatic Brand Manager, Craig Gertenbach: "I´m happy to welcome Marcilio, he fits perfectly into our Fanatic team and shows the youthful enthusiasm for windsurfing that our sport needs and lives from!”
Marcilio Browne: “I’m very stoked! I think that at Fanatic the atmosphere between riders and company is very good. Sebastian Wenzel is also an excellent shaper and I´m looking forward to work with him in the future and use his boards. So altogether it’s a perfect package for me!”

North Sails Line and Product Manager, Raoul Joa: “Brawzinho is not only very dedicated during competition he is also very meticulous in testing wave and freestyle sails. Being a huge asset for North Sails he will play a major part in the future success story of North Sails.“

Brawzinho: ”North has been on the top of the windsurf market for so many years, having a lot of top riders for so long like Nik Baker, Jensen brother’s etc.. This brand has without a doubt the best windsurfing gear for each condition and will give me the chance to develop my sailing as much as possible! I will do my best to push the sport for a new level, and North Sails will be extremely important for that!”

The Interviews


What were your reasons to join the Fanatic team?

MB: “Fanatic has all of the elements together, great team, great shaper, great boards for every condition!”

What do you think to be in the same team as Gollito Estredo and Victor Fernandez?

MB: “I think it's really cool. I always look up to Victor and Gollito when I´m sailing, and they are good friends of mine, and both rip. So, this will be a great chance for me to improve my sailing.”

Did you get a chance to try any of our boards yet, if yes which ones and what do you think?

MB: “Yes, I tried the boards and I really like the NW Twin and also the Skate.”

How are your plans? What kind of events are you doing in 2009?

MB: “I will be doing all PWA wave and freestyle events. Will try my best to improve my wave results and do good again in freestyle. I also really want to focus on improving my free sailing, pushing for new moves!”

Which goals do you want to reach in 2009?

MB: “Have a lot of fun, try to improve my wave and freestyle results. Also learn new moves and take the sport to new levels!!!”

What are your plans until the season starts?

MB: “Train hard!!!”

North Sails

Why North, and where do you see the biggest strengths at your new sail brand North Sails?

MB: “North has been for so many years on the top of the windsurf market, having a lot of top riders for so long, like Nik Baker, Jensen brothers and etc. This brand has without a doubt the best windsurfing gear for each condition and will give me the chance to develop my sailing as much as possible ! I will do my best to push the sport for a new level, and North Sails will be extremely important for that!”

Did you already have the chance to test the new sails and which ones did you like the most?

MB: “Yes, I have been testing the new models, and really like the Ice and the Ego, but for this year I will be sailing on the Ice, that sail is really great for all around conditions!”

What do you think about your team mates Victor in wave and Gollito in Freestyle?

MB: “It’s great to be on such a nice team. Victor is pushing wave sailing so much right now, one of the best jumpers in the world, and super talented. It’s really a big pleasure for me to watch him sailing in any conditions. Gollito has been taking freestyle to another level in the last couple of years; he is really smooth, creative and competitive. He can make some pretty unbelievable stuff on his freestyle gear. I think it’s great to be part of the team, and I am sure that the 3 of us will push each other a lot!”

Which discipline will you focus on for 2009 and why?

MB: “I will focus on waves and freestyle. I’ll do the full PWA on both disciplines. But I really want to push a bit harder on waves, as it is my favourite discipline. I really want to get everything together to improve my contest results this year.”

What are your goals for the season 2009?

MB: “Have a lot of fun, sail the best spots in the world, learn new moves, ride new waves and improve my results on the PWA tour.”

PWA / Andrew Buchanan