Just A Little Samba


Andre Paskowski and Pousada WindJeri announce the release of the highly anticipated freestyle movie, ‘Samba’.

Progression is the name of the game in Andre Paskowski’s latest movie collaboration, Samba. The 8 minute mini-movie documents Fanatic / North Sails team riders, Marcilio Browne, Jose Estredo and Andre Paskowski as they continue to blur the lines between wave and freestyle sailing.

As usual, the guys have teamed up with editing maestro Sebastian Dörr, to give the movie a professional edge. The project also gained the support of Pousada WindJeri, being exclusively filmed in Brazil, with focus on the world renowned freestyle Mecca, Jericoacoa.

Here’s what the riders had to say about Samba:

Marcilio Brown:

Q: Inside the movie there’s an air chachoo which you landed really close to the camera. Do you normally sail this close to the water camera man?

MB: Usually I would not go that close, but as it was Paskowski I decided to take a chance. He is getting pretty quick now, hard to hit, hahaha! I did not plan to go that close, but sometimes it is normal to calculate wrong!

Q: This is your first time in one of Andre’s movies, do you think you’ll feature in more movies in the future? How important do you see little movie productions like this?

MB: For sure I am super happy to be in one of his movies. I have watched all the movies he did before with Victor and Gollito. All of them came out super nice. We have great plans for the future and hopefully we can make many more videos like that!

Q: There are rumors that you’re working on a big DVD release towards the end of the year, is this true?

MB: So, everything is looking great for this new movie, featuring Gollito, Paskowski, Victor and myself. We have a really nice crew, together with brand new high quality filming equipment, and sick locations. I really believe this will come out super nice as we are all dedicating a lot of time for it and scoring great conditions everywhere we go.

Gollito Estredo:

Q: There are loads of new moves in this clip. Do you really think of new moves or do they just happen as a sort of accident on the water?

JE: I think of moves before I try them, but I do not have a full idea of it until I try them on the water. But during the years, I found out that pretty much every idea is also possible...

Q: Was this your first time in Brazil? What did you think of Jeri?

JE: Yes it was my first time in Brazil. I was surprised about the place. Wind every day. I would like to go back because I was able to train every day. Also, it is a cool town with some nice girls...

Q: Unfortunately you got injured during the trip but now you look good again on the water. Can you tell us your plans for the upcoming season?

JE: I will try to train hard here in El Yaque. Then I will go to Egypt to do some pictures and return to Venezuela afterwards to do a slalom contest. I will return to Europe to work on a bigger movie project with some team riders and Paskowski. Once this work is finished the Canary Tour will begin and I hope to win my 3rd World Champion Title. The winter for me was not the best because of my shoulder injury but I am now back on the water and more motivated then ever.

Andre Paskowski

Q: When you watch Samba, what do you think is special?

AP: I love Brazil. It is really a pleasure for me to be there. I took Gollito for the first time, from the amount of new moves he created you can see that he liked it. I liked the movie for the variety of conditions, moves and riders. I also think some of the effects are really nice.

Q: It looks like that you appear less and less in movies while other Riders appear more and more. Is it not a problem for you or did you plan this?

AP: Well firstly, I am mostly behind the camera once we are filming, to catch the action, so there is not a lot of action footage of me. I don’t plan the amount each rider appears in a movie and i don’t mind that i appear in it less. Primarily i want to offer a good product, that’s the most important thing to me and what makes it count.

Q: Samba is supported by WindJeri.it. Can you explain?

AP: WindJeri is a Pousada in Jeri. The Webpage of the Pousada is www.windjeri.it . I am really happy that they are supporting Samba and the upcoming movies. I think we will both profit a lot from working together.

Q: What’s next?

AP: Right now I am in El Yaque and about to leave to spend a few days at home. I have also filmed here a little, but the wind hasn’t been too good, so i guess we can only offer 5 minutes of the El Yaque Movie in April. Next week i fly to Maui to start filming for a bigger DVD. This will be my main Video Project this year so watch out for it!

To check out Samba, click HERE.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan