Crisis For Buzianis

Slalom title contender Micah Buzianis is dealt a killer blow after sustaining an injury only days before the season’s opening event in Austria.

It would appear that luck isn’t on Micah Buzianis’ side at present. After having his title hopes slashed in 2008 following a season ending injury sustained during the Canaries leg of the World Tour, Buzianis has been dealt another crippling blow which may force him to pull out of Slalom’s opening event next week in Austria (5-10 May).

Here’s the official word from the man himself:

“It is getting close to racing season and I am finally feeling 100% from my injury to my left leg.  Full days of sailing and no pain in my foot or ankle.  Going hard for the NeilPryde photo shoot and the last day of the shoot at Ho'okipa in 4 foot waves and strong winds I get stuck in the strap on the way out going over a breaking wave and have the board thrown back in my face. This was on Tuesday and I just went for a CT Scan today to see what the extent of the damage is.  

Two avulsion fractures of the first and third metatarsal, this is where the tendon or ligament pull a small piece of the bone off.  The doc's say anywhere from two to four weeks for healing.  I have to be on crutches for at least two weeks to see how the healing goes with an air cast on when sleeping or moving around.  It is on the opposite foot from my broken leg so I guess this is a good thing. Very frustrating to have this happen right now! I will know more in two weeks how soon I can get on the water before Austria.

I am continuing with my daily training in the gym and doing extra treatments on my foot to get it back to 100% as quickly as possible.  Luckily I have a good team of Dr's and physios as well as my family to take care of me and bring me back to health. I am really looking forward to racing this season, I have been sailing a bunch with Antoine and Robby and we all have really good speed and are getting are new sails and boards tuned to perfection. This little setback certainly isn't the best timing but I am still very confident and positive about this season, just need to take care to speed up the healing.”

We wish Micah the best of luck with his recovery.

Micah Buzianis is sponsored by JP-Australia, NeilPryde and MFC.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan