Dwarf8 PWA Surf World Cup

Day 3: Marginal wind halts competition’s progress on day three in Podersdorf.

The promise of a morning breeze to christen day three of racing proved to be overly optimistic, as the wind teased, but never blew in sufficient measure to allow race five to begin.

In the downtime, we talked to the current event leader, Ross Williams (Tabou / Gaastra) about racing in Austria, toppling Antoine Albeau (JP / NeilPryde) and more…

PWA: What do you think you’re doing differently to the other guys to be at the top of the current standing after four races?

RW: “I don’t think I’m doing anything particularly different to the other guys. I’m just doing my usual thing. I get out early onto the water, and try to be really prepared for each of my heats.”

PWA: Do you think being lighter than the likes of Albeau and Dunkerbeck gives you an advantage here?

RW: “Not really. Because of the 6 sails and 3 board regulation, the guys can take a ten metre if they want. And say, Starboard have a 133L board that’s 85cm wide. My biggest sail I use is 8.4m, and a 79cm wide, 125L board. The equipment’s there for the taking if people want to use it. I’d say maybe the conditions here suit me a little more out the gybes, but as the wind gets stronger it's better for the other guys.”

PWA: Is there a difference racing on a fresh water lake as opposed to the sea?

RW: “Yeah, I think there’s a little bit of difference. You have to refine your technique a little bit, like your stance. And sometimes you have to use a slightly more powerful fin.”

PWA: Do you think you’re capable of beating Albeau this year?

RW: “It’s too early to say, I’d like to just do as well as I can. As long as I sail to my best ability, and I’m happy with my sailing, then my position is irrelevant…well,as long as it’s in the top three!”

PWA: Taking into account your current position at this event, and your wave ranking, theoretically speaking you’re the current PWA overall champion. Is that a position you ever thought you’d be in, and do you ever look at your standing in that way?

RW: “Yeah, I look at my ranking in lots of different ways. I sail formula as well, and I’m top three in that. I’ve always thought of myself as an all-rounder, but it’s a bit early to be making a big deal about that. There’s people like Kevin Pritchard and Josh Angulo who are great sailors, I’ve just poked my nose ahead for now, but for sure I’m savouring the moment.”

Thanks to Ross Williams for taking the time out to talk to us. Racing will resume on day four from 10.30am.

PWA / Andrew Buchanan

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