Pro Clinic in Dahab

Micah Buzianis and Robby Swift give advice in Egypt.

Top PWA professionals, Micah Buzianis and Robby Swift will take to the seas between the 20th and 27th of August, as they set out on their week-long slalom clinic at the Harry Nass slalom centre in Dahab. 

The course is aimed at all levels of windsurfers, helping small groups of dedicated sailors to enjoy speed, improve their technique, better their jybing and starts, as well as many other tips from the top two athletes.

With both competitors at the front line in sports nutrition and gym training, those lucky enough to attend will also be able to ask questions on the physical and mental preparations that are necessary to gain maximum performance for a race season.

We caught up with Robby Swift to hear from him about the trip:

RS: “The Harry Nass Centre is renowned as being one of the best flat water windsurfing spots in the world, and I can’t wait to get out there. I just checked out the forecast and I’ve never seen anywhere co consistently windy!”

“We are going to concentrate on tuning and starts, as these are the two areas that matter the most in slalom. It is almost impossible to get the sort of knowledge you need without competing and training extensively every year. Hopefully we will be able to pass on some of the pointers that we have learned through our careers.”

“The Centre is also stocked with some of the latest 2010 JP and NeilPryde kit. It will be great to get a chance to push all of the new gear and show it off to the guests. From development stages, both boards and sails have looked incredible, so I’m sure they will be pleased.”

If you’re not lucky enough to be heading out there, you can always check out the action from the Harry Nass Webcam HERE, or check out Swift’s blog HERE.

If that is not enough to keep you entertained, then the 2010 JP (HERE) and NeilPryde (HERE) websites are up and running, stocked with incredible new videos and gear.