NeilPryde 2010

The market leader shows off new ideas for 2010.

The current PWA constructors’ champion, NeilPryde, has radically updated its online image. After the new gear debut in Pozo resulted in two number one finishes for Antoine Albeau and Philip Koster, the brilliant sail maker has updated its site with exciting new features to keep ahead of the game.

With a sleek, almost retro, image this year, the sail manufacturer has done exceptionally well to make its products stand out on the water. The sails are brought to life with super-cool new graphics, which are no doubt a reflection of the colourful personalities that are on the team for 2010.

Thanks to rumours of a new rule in the sailors’ contracts, the world’s best riders have been keeping the world up to date via Twitter, which is automatically posted on the NP website (HERE). Check out Patrice Beaux’s trips to Indonesia and Chile (HERE), TeamPryde’s success in PWA events (HERE) and the ‘Race Against The Machine’ battle between top pro’s and the fastest ferry in Hawaii (HERE) in the huge new video library.

For USA customers, there is also a new online store (HERE), which is under development as we speak, meaning that there is now no excuse for not being able to get down to your local store before the next windy session.

Finally, the entire 2010 range is combined into this four-minute clip (HERE), which should do enough to inspire you to get back on the water as soon as you can.