Winter Warmers

Nayra Alonso tells us about her plans for the forthcoming months.

Now that the PWA competition season has come to a close, many of the World’s best windsurfers will be travelling the globe in search of perfect wind and waves.

Nayra Alonso (Fanatic, Severne) is no exception, she dropped us a line with her winter destination wish list. We’re not jealous, honest…

Over to Nayra:

It’s not very original, but like pretty much every year for the last six, I will spend November in Maui. I don’t really care about being original anyway - It’s Hawaii!!! 

I absolutely love it during autumn. A lot of the World Tour sailors go there as well and because the season is over, everyone is a lot more relaxed than any other time of the year. Normally we get good conditions - now I’ve just cursed my whole trip [Ed. Oh well, we’re not going!] - and have a good mix between training and relaxing.

I learnt to windsurf on port tack so starboard has definitely been my weak point. But after so much time in Maui, I’m getting better, so I can enjoy sailing anywhere when it’s good. Plus Hookipa is always a challenge. I see the guys sailing so well there, and I would love to be like them! It’s hard, but bit by bit I’ll get there. Also it puts things into perspective when it gets really big and scary, and you see the guys charging hard – they definitely are some of the best in the World.

Another bonus of being in Maui is that I get to see all of the people I know and I’ve met there, which is really nice – we have so much fun together. Junko Nagoshi (Tabou, Simmer, DaKine), Tatiana Howard (Naish boards, North), Anne-Marie Reichman (Naish, Naish), Anita, etc. are always there, I can’t wait to see them! Also this year I have some friends from Gran Canaria coming over for the first time, so it should be even better.

If there’s no wind, we go surfing, play tennis, or go to the gym. I love hanging out in Borders, having coffees in Paia, or going to the twin falls – Maui is an absolute paradise, if you’re a windsurfer, you have to visit.

After my trip to Maui, hopefully I’ll do the same as last year again and maybe go to Western Austarlia, which was amazing. But that’s still in the pipeline. We’ll see!”

To keep up to date with all things Alonso, check out her blog HERE. Remember to check back throughout the winter as we’re pretty sure Nayra will update it regularly.