Winter With Campello

Ricardo updates us on his plans for the off-season and his centre’s new website...

Having given up freestyle to concentrate on the PWA wave tour, Ricardo Campello (JP, NeilPryde, MFC) has a full programme of training ahead in order to climb the wave rankings and get onto the podium.

Not only this, he also has his new centre up and running in El Yaque, Margarita, which is open for business. So if you fancy some warm weather sailing this winter, hop onto a plane and head to Venezuela, where there’s stacks of wind and a centre stocked full of the latest NeilPryde and JP gear.

Over to Campello to explain his plans:

Right now I’m flying out to Maui to train in the waves. I’m going to focus all of my energy towards getting a top 3 result next year on the World Tour. The last event in Sylt went pretty bad for me and I don’t want that to happen again!

I will spend about 3 weeks in Maui training with my good friend Marcilio ‘brawzinho’ Browne (Fanatic, North, MFC). I’m also going to be testing the equipment for next year to make sure it’s all working well and that the boards are produced the way I like them.

After Maui I’ll go home for a few weeks to relax and recover from the hectic year we’ve had. Then I’m planning on going to Chile with everyone - the boys are building a house there and apparently it’s going to be sick wave sailing right out of the front door. I’m really looking forward to that trip.

Once that’s over, we’ll be into the New Year and everything will be starting up again. Hopefully my training pays off!

Just so that everyone knows as well, the new website for my centre is now up and running so if anyone wants to book, they can do it online and check out all of the gear, hotels, and everything else there. Check it all out at

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