Happy Birthday MauiSails

Hawaiian sail loft MauiSails celebrate 32 years in the game.

Here at the PWA we’d like to wish MauiSails a Happy belated Birthday (it was last week) for their 32nd anniversary. Time really does fly, but the Hawaiian sail loft continue to go from strength to strength through global economic down turns and all the trends and fads windsurfing has dabbled with in its short but colourful history.

Barry Spanier Comments:

“It was thirty two years ago, in those few days before Christmas, that Geoffrey Bourne and I sealed the deal to make our little company that would quickly become known as MauiSails. We had a big dream to make the best yacht sails for the local fleet of cruisers and charter boats, never for a minute even imagining the world of windsurfing that we would finally help to create and develop. What we did know was that Maui had the most amazing sailing possibilities we had ever known about, and there would be plenty of work to help us get through the part about having no capital. The spirits were kind, we made it work, and as they say, the rest was history.

I offer my total appreciation and thanks to the universe for the outcome of our choices, and say 'thank you and the happiest of holidays' to all who have been willing to accept us and enjoy what we did. Life after shipwreck has been pretty darned good to the barefoot vagabonds.

Next year is looking to be very good with lots of things happening that will expand the availability of our equipment and deliver more performance than ever. I am filled with excitement and confidence and so very happy to continue to be part of it, helping others to have a sweet ride. 2011 is coming soon and we are ready to enjoy it.

Thank you all and aloha

Barry Spanier”

We highly recommend having a nose around the MauiSails website, where you’ll find myriad information on the company’s history, including some awesome retro shots. Check it out HERE.