At Home With Kauli

The guys at Umi Pictures go hang out with Kauli Seadi in his home spot of São Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil.

He’s been a multiple PWA World Wave Champion and is widely regarded as one of the most innovative riders and jumpers in the world, but have you ever wondered what someone like Kauli Seadi (JP / NeilPryde) gets up to when not competing or working for their sponsors?

The crew at Umi thought they’d do a bit of investigative journalism and go hang out with the Brazilian maestro at his home spot to see just what makes the ex World Champ tick.

UMI: “ In October we took a trip to Brazil to check out Kauli’s new windsurf centre in São Miguel do Gostoso. It turned out to be a wonderful spot; beautiful, clean and warm with good winds, welcoming locals and amazing healthy food, you really couldn’t ask for more. Well, a video about the place maybe? Maybe featuring 4 times freestyle world champ Gollito Estredo? Kauli doing a bit of old skool freestyle? Okay, we’ll give you just that, but not before expanding your general knowledge a bit with some prime information about São Miguel do Gostoso. You’re welcome!”

KAULI: “The city has an excellent infrastructure for tourists and residents. The native people are hardworking, friendly people. In Gostoso there’s no violence, it seems like time has stopped! Many Europeans live in Gostoso, some of which are owners of great restaurants and pousadas. You can walk all over town, or take one of the motorcycle-taxis, where you pay very little to go get you and take anywhere.

In Gostoso you have four choices of beaches, one beside the other: Praia do Santo Cristo, Praia do Cardeiro (which is where the Clube Kauli Seadi is located), Praia da Xepa and Praia do Maceio. I really fell in love with this place, the energy from these beaches is unreal, with those beautiful sunsets and such nice weather and warm water every day of the year. The windsurf conditions are amazing for freeride, jumps and some small rides, and occasionally in the months of December and January you can get nice north swells and have unreal long wave rides with side-off wind. The place has a lot of space and there is room for everybody do his thing safely, from freestyle, freeride and waves to surfing or a nice SUP session. And last but not least: the sunset at sea is just amazing, you really feel like you’re in paradise.”

Check out UMI’s video HERE, and the full story with links to Kauli’s windsurf centre on UMI’s blog HERE.

Photo credit: Jean Souville