Fernandez Nominated

The Laureus World Sports Awards name Victor Fernandez as one of their nominees.

Life for reigning PWA World Wave Champion, Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC) just seems to be getting better and better. After a prolific competitive season in 2010, Fernandez’s efforts have been recognised by the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards.

His nomination not only raises the profile of professional windsurfing, but places Fernandez in the same league as the sporting world’s elite, including the likes of; Rafa Nadel, Sebastian Vettel, Kobe Bryant, Kelly Slater, Lionel Messi and many more.  

The award ceremony will take place in Abu Dhabi on the 7th of February 2011, go get that silverware Victor!

The team from the second life movie project caught up with Fernandez after his nomination, here’s what he had to say:

Q: What have you been up to for the last 2 month since you became World Champion?
A: I've been at home almost 2 month and right now I just left to Cape Town for 3 weeks. I did a lot of things at home, a lot of celebrations with my family, friends. Also a lot of interviews for the spanish media as newspaper, tv, magazines, etc...I also was lucky having some really nice conditions at home for windsurfing with all my windsurf friends, they were so happy for me!

Q: Has life changed?
A: Life has not change so much, only more celebrations than usual but I´m still the same Víctor as before I won the title, happy, loving what I do and keep on doing the same things as I did before the title.

Q: We hear that you are nominated for the Laureus Sports Awards. That’s the Oscars for Sportsmen and woman. How does it feel to be recognized as a true champion inside the sports world?
A: I was so surprised when I got the mail of Laureus saying that I'm nominated for such a great event! I knew this nomination from years before where I saw the best sportmans of the world in many disciplines, it's a great present for me to be nominated and invited for this event in ABU DHABI. I'm also really happy to go in this big event representing Windsurfing and it´s an honour and the best present for me after winning a World Title.

Q: Do you have any names from other nominees?
A: Yes, I've got the names of the other nominees. Kelly Slater (Surf), Shaun White (Half Pipe Snowboard), Jamie Bestwick (BMX), Stephanie Gilmore (Surf) and Levi Sherwood (Freestyle Motocross).

Q: Will you be a Sport SuperStar on the event or will you also be a fan and catch maybe yourself a signature?
A: I love sports so I would like to get some pictures together with other nominees as Kelly Slater, Shaun White, Rafa Nadal, Spain Soccer Team, Kobe Bryan, Sebastian Vettel, Lionel Messi, Valentino Rossi, between many more! It is a dream!

Q: We hear that you are right now in CapeTown. What are doing there?
A: Yes, I arrive in Cape Town 2 days ago. I came with the Fanatic Team to test some new boards, training and getting some video footage and pictures. This is a great season to come here and we already had some good sailing with a nice swell.There are some big swells coming for the end of the week!

Q: What next after CapeTown?
A: Second Life!!! February is the month to travel with the second life team. We want to go back to Cape Verde to score big conditions and also to Morocco. March is Maui time also for the movie and photoshoot time with Fanatic/North Sails.