NeilPryde Sign Popretinskiy

Russian freestyler Yegor Popretinskiy joins the international lineup at NeilPryde, as he prepares for what’s set to become the biggest competition year of his career.

Having already signed a new contact with JP-Australia for 2011, Popretinskiy has just confirmed that he’s stepping into NeilPryde’s international team to represent the brand at the freestyle discipline for the coming PWA World Tour season.

On joining NeilPryde, the freestyler answered the following quickfire round of questions:

What are your plans for the year ahead?
A. To compete in all PWA and EFPT tours 2011 and to reach the best results possible for me.

When did you realize windsurfing would become your life?
A. When I landed my first Front loop.

Outside of windsurfing, what else are you interested in?
A. Skateboarding, hi-tech technology, traveling, music, video, photos.

What's the best thing about your lifestyle/sport?
A. Traveling the World

What does it mean to you to be a NeilPryde rider?
A. My dreams come true and it is a big honor to be in the international team of the best windsurfing sail company in the world.

What do you want more than anything?

A. To ride the biggest waves and to do the sickest tricks.

Describe your best water experience.
A. My really bad crash in front of the crowds and judges doing a spock during Russian freestyle competitions in Anapa, Black Sea. I could have died because I'd crashed into the old iron pier at full speed and exactly between two rusty pins. I was very lucky!

Who or what inspires you?

My family, Josh Stone, Jason Polakow, Ricardo Campello, Tonky Frans, Bruce Lee, Rodney Mullen, Sean White, Kelly Slater.

For more information on Yegor Popretinskiy, you can check out his BLOG, which is bang up to date with his latest news, photos and videos. Alternatively, tune into NeilPryde’s press release announcing Popretinskiy’s signing HERE.