New Years Resolutions!

Believe in them or not. Make them and stick to them or not. Everyone has at one point made at least one! John Carter asks twelve sailors what their resolutions are for 2003!

Antoine Albeau (Neil Pryde, AHD): I have lots of things I want to do but the main one is to win the Formula
Windsurfing World Title!!
Steve Allen (Fanatic): I would of course look to win as many events as possible, mostly the FW Worlds as I have not won this title yet and the PWA title again for Formula. I will also be focusing on the Euro Cup and Europeans. But I would really like to find time to do one of the wave contests in Gran Canaria, as this is my favorite wave contest and I feel that I could do quite well with my new mind set even though I haven’t been training that much in the waves recently. I would also like to learn more Polish.

Robby Naish (Naish): To clean out my garage this year... and try to make myself sell a few cars!

Eric Troosthiede (RRD, North): First of all I want to wish all of you a great 2003! For myself I am really looking forward to the coming season. Life on tour is getting better and better, our tour is getting stronger and stronger, the sailors are setting new standards each contest and lots more positive things are happening. I feel ready to step it up and kick some more butt on tour the coming year. Hope you all keep checking our site. Aloha and have fun sailing! Greetings from Holland, Erik 'Toasty' Troostheide, H90.
Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde): I wanna train harder to get what I want (The Title) and improve in waves too! Also I would like to study or make any course or something like that! So I don't only have windsurf, windsurf and windsurf on my mind.

Sam Ireland (Starboard, North): More home life and Evolve Windsurfing. It's time, it's too stale at the moment!

Josh Stone (JP, Neil Pryde): My New Years Resolution this year will be, "Hold the Tequila!" On a windsurf level this year I am going to do the MOST radical shit in windsurfing I have ever done!
Jonas Ceballos (Fanatic, Gaastra): My goals for next year it's, save a little be of money for the future and I hope do all my next competition like never ever.

Josh Angulo: Ride the tube better and ride smaller surf boards!

Matt Pritchard (Gaastra, AHD): MP New Years Resolutions in no particular order. Work Harder. Rest Harder. Win Contests. Stay Fit. Have more fun- if that is possible?

Kevin Pritchard (Gaastra, Bic): Be happy and have fun and do better than I did this year...oh shoot, well do as good as I did this year!

Phil Mcgain (Gaastra): I don't need any. It's all together!