Maui Ultra Fins On Tour

One of the most innovative fin companies in the world joins the PWA world tour and we catch up with the man behind the brand, Rick Hanke.

Maui Ultra Fins, was established in 2007, and boasts the most ground-breaking fin designs to date. Maui Ultra utilises the latest technology in fluid dynamics to achieve an optimum state for the fin, delivering unmatched performance in both windsurfing and surfing.

Maui Ultra Fins is the brainchild of Rick Hanke, a German aeronautical engineer who has combined his life work with his passion for windsurfing and surfing. Allowing him to design the latest and greatest, cutting-edge fin and foil designs.

Alongside an elite team of radical riders, the advanced fin designs have helped win multiple PWA events and are consistently pushing the boundaries in freestyle and wave competitions.

Maui Ultra offers the complete range of windsurf fins from Wave, Multi-fin, Freestyle, Freeride, Slalom, Speed to Weed as well as SUP, Kite and Surf fins. Worldwide operations are led by Olaf Sutor and Timm-Daniel Koepke with headquarters in Maui, Hawaii and Germany.

The PWA caught up with Rick to find out more about his decision to join the PWA, their latest projects and the future of the brand…

PWA: Could you tell us a little bit about the brand, its ethos and direction?

Rick: "Our goal is to progress windsurfing by developing the best products in order to improve sailing performance, to make it easier and to enable the sailor to have the most fun out on the water. We love windsurfing and we do our best to contribute to the sport and give back as much as it gives us."

PWA: Could you tell us about one of your latest projects?

Rick: "Our new wave fin development- by abandoning the classical wave fin outline, we have set a new standard that has shown superior performance and handling characteristics that is powering our world-class riders through competition."

PWA: What made you decide you wanted your brand to support the World Tour?

Rick:  "We support the PWA world tour and respect what it does for the sport. We thank the PWA for making windsurfing so popular and creating the perfect platform to present our product."

PWA: Which riders do you have representing Maui Ultra Fins on the PWA?

Rick: "We have an elite team of iconic riders representing Maui Ultra on the PWA. The current wave tour leader Philip Koster, many times world champion Antoine Albeau, freestyle king Taty Frans, wave rippers Robby Swift, Florian Jung and big wave surfer Sebastian Steudter."

Check out their fine selection of fins and decide which one is best for you at: