Treasure Hunting

The guys from UMI media house and the former world champion Kauli Seadi have been searching for wave sailing gold on the shores of Peru.

Endless glassy waves and one of the world’s most innovative wave riders provide the perfect combination for two astounding videos brought to you from the dedicated windsurfing media house UMI. Prepare to be amazed as Brazilian wave ripper Kauli Seadi (JP / NeilPryde) destroys the stunning wave spots with his super-stylish turns and smooth takas.

The guys from UMI explain their epic trip:

The Pacific coast of Peru holds priceless treasure and an added wonder of the world for the wave-hunting traveller. We joined Kauli Seadi to explore the coastline filming amazing un-crowded surf. Lobitos lies north of the capital Lima, after driving through a desert strewn with oil pumps we arrived in a dusty, forgotten military town. It is an incredible spot with a perfect sandbar line-up, side-off wind, sun and a few friendly surfers.

Check out part one HERE.

Pacasmayo is a small coastal town, based on a cement works and a small fishing port. The waves there are fast, powerful and very long. The length is amazing… the wave doesn’t really run to shore, it just seems to run forever.

We didn’t make an exact measurement of Pacasmayo’s length, but think about this for a second: the wave peels perfectly for more than 1500m. It’s the dream wave, from point-to-pier it takes almost three minutes, compare that to thirty-six second rides at your local beach break. This also means fitness is more important than skill here. After just one ride your legs will explode… see for yourself in the clip!

Check out the endless wave in part two HERE.

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