Reno World Cup Sylt

Day six: Thousands of spectators head to the Reno World Cup to soak up the sun on the beach and mingle with the stars of the PWA.

There was a super-relaxed feeling to the sixth day of competition at the 2011 VW PWA Reno world cup, due to the high pressure that is currently lingering over the majority of Europe, providing the last bout of summer before the winter sets in.

Thousands of spectators spent the day chilling on the beach, listening to the tunes from the resident DJ, and watching regular interviews with the world’s best windsurfers. The sailors spent the day relaxing in the sailors’ tent, hitting the water on SUPs or playing football on the beach.

We took the opportunity to catch up with one of the new boys to the tour, Bryan Metcalf-Perez (JP / NeilPryde / Dakine) who is currently ranked twenty-third in the freestyle, about his first year and being the only American freestyler.

PWA: So Bryan, tell us about your first year on tour.

Perez: “I have had a great year on tour, I haven’t achieved the result I was hoping for, but it has been an amazing learning experience as I had never competed before the tour. Even to beat some of the better guys this year is good enough for me in my first year.”

PWA: How does it feel to join the largest windsurfing tour in the world?

Perez: “I have been lucky because I knew a few of the guys before like Phil Soltysiak and Max Rowe who have really helped me out when it comes to arranging places to stay and where to be, otherwise I would have been pretty nervous.  But it has been really exciting to go to these amazing windsurfing locations and sail with the world’s best, just being around these guys makes you feel like your improving.”

PWA: What is the freestyle scene like in the US; do you have many people you train with?

Perez: “There are some really amazing sailors in the US like Tyson Poor (JP / NeilPryde). A lot of the sailors are at the same standard as the top freestylers but they haven’t joined the tour, but it is really useful to have guys to train with back home.”

PWA: What are your plans for training this winter?

Perez: “I am going to go to Maui and train freestyle and I would also like to train in the waves so I can do some of the wave comps next year.  I feel like I have all the moves so I am going to really focus on building the consistency so I can do them anytime in any conditions.

PWA: What are your goals for next season?

Perez: “I would really like to finish in the top ten next year. I think now that I have been to each of the events and sailed at all the spots I will be able to concentrate a lot more on my sailing in the competition environment, rather than worrying about where I need to be and getting to the event.”

PWA: What has been your favourite moment this year on tour?

Perez:  “My favourite part of the tour was Vietnam, as we had really good wind there and the conditions suit my style of sailing, there were some waves so we could go for backloops and air chachoos.”

“My first heat against Gollito really stands out as well, at that point you really don’t worry about losing, you just go out there enjoy it and try keep up.”

PWA: What’s your favourite move?

Perez: “I love doing backloops, other than that it is the shaka.”

PWA: Thanks Bryan, any last words?

Perez: I’m looking forward to next year, staying focused and kicking ass!

Having spent the day waiting patiently on standby the sailors were released for the day at 5pm. The skippers’ meeting will kick off at 10am tomorrow morning for all three fleets.

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