It's getting HOT!

Hot Sails Maui have pulled out all the stops and released the lightest production wave sail on the market.

The much talked about FireLIGHT wave sail has just started shipping and is heading to a beach near you. Hot Sails Maui have been working extremely hard to design the lightest wave sail on the market, doing away with any unnecessary features but still making it super-strong and powerful. Hot Sails believe it will revolutionise your wave sailing and you will be able to pull moves you have never done before in a wider range of conditions. The FireLIGHT is available from 4.5m -6.0m with every size in between and weighs in at just 2.6kg-3.1kg. Chris Freeman from Hot Sails Maui tells us a little more.

What is the design concept of the Firelight?

The idea was very simple – build a sail as light as possible using the best materials available with absolutely nothing on it that was not essential. No compromise. Weighing in at just 2.7kg for a 4.7m this is the lightest production wave sail on the market!

Who is it aimed at?

By design it is a high performance sail for sailors who want to push the boundaries of their wave sailing. The lightness redefines what is possible. We are also finding that lighter sailors and in particular female a youth sailors are really enjoying the lighter weight and as a result we are currently in the process of adding sizes down to 3.4m.

What materials are used?

The key materials are the ODL09 Technora used in the patches and the super light C1295 laminate from Dimension-Polyant. The Technora is incredibly tough and super low stretch – it is also scary expensive! The ODL09 costs 5 times as much as our normal laminate. We only use it in the critical high load areas of the patches so it is totally worth it. The C1295 has a thin polyester film reinforced with both a scrim and yarns. This makes it tough and low stretch but really, really light. All our laminates are made in the USA and are of exceptionally high quality.

Rider Comments

“It is light. Not just light, but crazy lightweight. The added efficiency of the sail is very notable and in lighter winds it's quite extraordinary. Just a single pump and your off. The feeling in a sail is ‘precise’, like a very sharp knife no energy is wasted; the job gets done clean and fast.“ Jeff Henderson, Owner & Founder, Hot Sails Maui

“I have been using the 4.7m FireLIGHT everyday recently, in the past I would always use a 5.0m but now I find the lightweight and efficiency of the FireLight mean that I can rig smaller. On the wave my moves are cleaner and bigger, I can surf the wave more and forget the rig. In the air I love the control and featherweight feel which makes tough moves easier and results in less crashes!“ Chris Freeman, Sales Manager, Hot Sails Maui

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Photo credit: Jimmie Hepp