The King is Back

Point-7 have completely redesigned and rebuilt their AC-K three-cam speed machine, ensuring you will stand out at your home spot.

The AC-K2G is designed to get you planning in all conditions and charging around your favourite sailing ground ahead of your competitors. For 2012 its design has had a complete overhaul providing you with a 20% weight reduction, enhanced control, improved stability, consistent acceleration and greater visibility.

Built around a medium aspect outline, the AC-K 2G delivers massive amounts of low-end power for early planing and power through the lulls. Taking the new straight leech opening from the AC-1 2K12 sail range. The AC-K2G delivers constant acceleration whilst providing the rider with the full control at all times, no matter what the wind is doing. The sail also boasts a massive tuning range, making it the only sail your going to want to grab out of your quiver bag.

The construction has changed too; the AC-K 2G has been made 20% lighter than its predecessor whilst keeping hold of its structural integrity and its bulletproof durability. The big weight reduction allows the sail to be much easier to handle and it improves its light wind performance. You will also be able to see your opponents slipping away behind you now that the yellow window material is much lighter. The AC-K 2G is built for the rider who wants to be the KING of his home spot.

If you want to be the king and you want superior performance with all the benefits of ease of rigging and handling, then look no further than the AC-K2G.

Alongside the AC-K(2G) Point-7 have also remodelled the AC-X range, promising X-rated performance through a much lighter construction, and a much sharper straight line edge that has significantly reduced the drag of the sail. Point-7 promise the Ac-X2G will take no cam blasting to another level!

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